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  1. All strip galleries have this effect. I want it to ONLY HAPPEN to images that ARE CLICKABLE LINKS.
  2. The hover effect has been applied to all strip galleries, not just the ones that are clickthrough links, as you can see in the recording. The images that have links are the first ones in the recording, with the hand obviously to imply a link, but the other strip galleries also have the hover effect without links. Screen Recording 2024-04-03 at 8.45.00 AM (1).mov
  3. I need images that have clickthrough page links to only have this effect - not all strip galleries. Thanks 🙂
  4. So it happens with all the strip galleries no matter if they are clickthrough links or not; how can I get a hover effect ONLY on images that are clickthrough links? Thanks.
  5. Hello, thank you. Password is: archer2024 for the site https://cobalt-mustard-hn3a.squarespace.com I want to make sure the effect only applies to images that are links. None of the other images in galleries should have the effect 🙂 thank you!
  6. Thank you! How do I apply this hovering effect only to image galleries that are also clickthrough links? I don't want it to affect all the galleries, as I'm an artist and that's a lot of images lol. I've been through so many forum threads and can't find a simple solution and none of the code is working anymore, as all I've found is a few years old at this point. My website is https://cobalt-mustard-hn3a.squarespace.com/ and is still in trial
  7. Hello, I'm trying to accomplish the same thing - I have a strip gallery block on my home page, called PROJECTS, and each image is specifically meant to be a click through link, and I'd like an opacity change on hover to indicate the click through capability. None of the code on this site has worked, nor has turning off animations or lightbox, etc. My website is still in trial, it is https://cobalt-mustard-hn3a.squarespace.com
  8. Hey guys, the above code wasn't working for me - I want gallery block images that are click through links to have some sort of hover effect and leave images that aren't links out of the equation. Any help? Site is still set to private: https://cobalt-mustard-hn3a.squarespace.com/config/
  9. Ziggy thank you, you helped out when nothing I found online or the help center could. I'm assuming it's because I'm trying to use it in the test window, but sometimes the anchors work just like they should and then sometimes they just don't do anything, but my site is still private and I haven't tested it in the wild yet. Just curious as to why they'd work in the in-cognito editor once and then stop.
  10. Hello @Web_Solutions but exactly where do I paste this code to specifically relate to my masonry grid? I'm having trouble figuring out where to put the code. When I add a block and add "code" and use the pencil to edit and paste your code, it just shows up as plain text.
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