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  1. Hi there. I launched my site several weeks ago now, but my site is still not indexed on Google. It keeps coming up with this message: Blocked due to unauthorized request 401 And even though I have really tried to figure it out myself and read all about it I have no clue what to do. I really hope you can help. Thank you!
  2. Right now it is just a straight divider at the bottom, but I wish the have the curved divider there too.
  3. At the bottom the issue is also that the divider gets split between the two sections because I have used a Sticky Split Section setting in Squarekicker.
  4. I haven't fixed the issue. Not at the bottom at least. Would you be able to help me with the css for this? Thank you so much for responding this fast!
  5. Site: https://chipmunk-iguana-ffam.squarespace.com/ Password: amanda2024! Hi there. I am making this website for a client and I have troubles solving this issue, so I hope some on you can help. I have used SquareKicker to make a Sticky split section (with section[data-section-id="66315b8eaa6dc217b803efad"] and section[data-section-id="6605b2f2eb18fa5170d792ca"]), but now when I try to add a divider, there is this white space in between the section and the divider. Is it possible to do something to remove the white space? And also - is there a way for me to add a the divider look I have used at the top of a section instead of the buttom. I want it to be at the buttom of the Sticky Split Sections, but when I add a divider it makes to seperate dividers since it is two different sections, but I want it to look like all the others. I attached some screenshots. I hope it makes sense. THANK you!
  6. No. Further down. I actually just want it to be placed where it is, but I want the buttom of the circle to be shown. It gets hidden now for some reason, but it says overflow: visible!important; in the css @media only screen and (min-width: 900px) { div#block-b6cf4535b35817f1e94c { position: relative; margin-top: 70px; overflow: visible!important; }}
  7. Hi there. I wish to have an element overlappen between section: section[data-section-id="65ed6d124039a95ab3778552"] to section: section[data-section-id="6608a703c1ab2547cafc8283"] which contains testimonials, but is doesn't show on section 2 with the testimonials. I have used a code, that I normally use for this function, but I guess it's because of the testimonial slider it doesn't work. Would anyone be able to help me with this? Thank you very much. www.anjaflo.dk password: Isdans11
  8. Yes! It is just until I found a solution I disabled it. Thank you!
  9. Hi there. For some reason there is a line by the transition (I think is the right word in english) between the 1st and 2nd section on my website. There isn't further down the page between the last and the 2nd last section, where I've done exactly the same design. Can anyone help understand why and figure out what to do about it to make the line go away in the top sections as well? Both are just made by inserting a triangle shape into the upper/lower section. I attached photos of both the top and buttom sections - so you can see that it is only a problem in the top sections. Website: www.floedesign.dk
  10. It worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  11. Yes but that would make it go to that link on every site of the website too. The footer in members area is the same as on the website. That is the problem. So when they click the logo it sends them to the homepage of the website and not the homepage of the members area. Does it make sense what I mean?
  12. Hi there. I would like the logo in the footer to link to the member site of my page and not the frontpage of my website. Is there any way I can change where the logo links to on only the member sites? Site: www.nannasalver.com or nannasalver.com/en/home Password: Eigil2024!
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