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  1. Thank you SO much! Lifesaver As an aside, I can see you have a 'tablet' view in the screen recording you gave, is that something that would be accessible to me too? I fear the tablet view of my site will not be very good and it would be good to find out! But not many people visit by tablet. Thanks for any input
  2. Hi Squarespace Forum, I am switching over from 7.0 to 7.1, As part of this I am integrating my booking system into my website via an embedded 'iframe', that's an important part of the switch, On 7.0, the display is perfect, particularly concerning the Mobile view - the embedded iframe adapts to the smaller mobile display, and the overall site retains it's size, See 7.0mob.jpeg attachment below for mobile screenshot, or view: www.confidentswimmers.com/booking - on mobile However on 7.1, the exact same code causes problems making it unusable, the embedded iframe seems to expand as if it is being viewed on a full desktop and doesn't adapt. The 'centered' site logo is lost, and you have to zoom right out, making the entire mobile display tiny, see attachment 7.1mob1.jpeg (default view) and 7.1mob2.jpeg (zoomed out view) www.confidentswimming.squarespace.com/book - on mobile The code used is exactly the same, and provided by the developers Timetap, and looks like this. <iframe src='https://www.timetap.com/emb/123456' frameborder='0' width='1200' height='500'> (ps I have tried it with <p align="centre"> and </p> code too and it helps to at least centre it but doesn't affect the overall large display - also I changed the number to 123456 from the actual code used, as I don't know if I should avoid showing the exact code here, but it was a different 6 digit number). The developers suggested trying to adjust 'width' from 1200 to 'auto' which I had done, it that makes the display actually really tiny (see 'auto.jpeg' image attached) - smaller than it would otherwise be on mobile view, and the same small size even on desktop view. I have also tried adjusting width to smaller sizes, and whilst it is possible to reduce it down to about '300' so that it fits into the mobile view correctly, this unfortunately remains the same when viewing in desktop. Whereas previously, the width set to '1200' displayed nicely in desktop, and auto-adjusted within the mobile view to fit that perfectly too (again, viewable on mobile at www.confidentswimmers.com/booking). I have tried removing ALL additional CSS and can confirm nothing else is conflicting with it. And lastly, even if I adjust the 'embed block' size, it makes not difference and the embedded iframe still wants to take up a full screen, (see 'adjust.jpeg' image attached) Please, can anyone help - is it normal to have this situation with an embedded iframe where they worked perfectly on 7.0, but have a huge problem with the display in 7.1? Timetap the scheduler developers seem to think there's nothing they can do. Squarespace seem to think there's nothing they can do, as it involves code. Thank you for ANY help you can give, whether to adjust this so it displays correctly and adapts to the mobile view properly, or confirming that this is a widespread issue on 7.1, which surely it cannot be! The only I can think is if there is a way to set the display so that it shows in mobile at a certain width (eg 300) and desktop on a different width (eg 1200), - but I would be much happier if it would auto-adjust, as it did automatically on 7.0. Thanks 🙂
  3. I have just produced a pic which I think shows more what I'm looking for... I've removed the background and have inserted an image. Note the image would be different for the 3 different slides, but appearing under the title seems to work well. If anyone has any workarounds that would be increddddible. PS - importantly would also need to be Mobile compatible Many thanks
  4. Hi there, I'm just redesigning my site on 7.1 after moving from 7.0... love it so far. However I'd love a section on my main page, a bit like a Banner slideshow. It will be to describe 3 different 'modules' of my course, with the Title, then some text description, and a button at the bottom. The closes thing I can find to this is what I believe is called a Banner Slideshow, and I can access this by inserting a section and then 'Portfolios' and selecting the following section: However with this, whilst I can edit the Title and Descriptive text for each slide of the section, and there is a button at the bottom, it seems I am only able to have the large full background image, but what I would like is no background at all, but more like an 'Image Block' style image for each slide, probably at the very bottom of each slide (under the button). Is there any way I can do this? I've tried looking but haven't had any success so far. It seems like it would be a fantastic feature if Squarespace allowed us more flexibility with each slide (e.g. being able to add and move blocks to each slide). Am I missing something is there a different section I can add that would allow me to do this? Alternatively, can anyone help out with any code to achieve a similar thing? The main thing it seems would be to just allow a different image for each slide that just doesn't take up the whole background. Thanks for any help 🙂
  5. Hi Paul, thank you for taking the time to respond, That is a great help. I actually seemed to find a workaround in changing it to target="_parent" . For some reason, this did have success at working (without me changing to https, as far as I know). And it actually appears much better than if the link opens within the iframe itself (as it prevents the site logo and navigation from showing twice). So I'll stick with that for now but thank you for your input and that may well come in handy in the future 🙂
  6. Hi, I'm new here:) As the title explains, I am having trouble using an Embedded iframe, which is for a booking/scheduling system that I'm using. I specifically need the links contained in this iframe, to link to the 'Same Page' so that the booking system can be access in a variety of different ways but work harmoniously whichever route taken. Highlighted in the image below in yellow are the links that I'd like to link to "Same Page". The code upon inspection for the top link is: <a href="http://www.confidentswimmers.com/confirm" target="_self">Booking and Cancellation Agreement</a> However, I am finding that within Squarespace, target="_self" is failing to open at all within the iframe. Squarespace recognises the link (as shown in the red arrow in the image below) however upon clicking nothing at all happens. When the same link is set to target="_blank" , the link does successfully open to a New Page. But for the flow to work properly across all access methods as previously mentioned, I really need it to open to 'Same Page' and not a New Page. The developer of the scheduling system, TimeTap, have shown me that the Same Page / target="_self" links DO work when they are in an iframe that it not hosted by Squarespace, and I have tested their example. So it seems to only be a problem when it is embedded within an iframe within Squarespace. I have been advised by TimeTap to ask Squarespace if there is a security setting which is preventing 'Same Page' links from opening up within an iframe in Squarespace, however Squarespace help just said they cannot help with Code and forwarded me on to this forum, thus my first post. It doesn't really seem to be an issue of faulty code, but that there is some incompatibility of 'Same Page' links opening within an embedded iframe within Squarespace itself. Is there some setting or some code that I can insert somewhere, that will enable 'Same Page' links within an iframe in Squarespace to open successfully? Thank you for any help It doesn't seem to show the site url in my post, this is: https://www.confidentswimmers.com/booking If you visit the Site url, below is a screenshot of the links in question highlighted in yellow, and the red arrow shows that squarespace recognises the link - but just doesn't open it.
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