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  1. @creedon - thanks for the follow-up. Appreciate it. ok, here you go: URL https://dalmatian-pug-cs5j.squarespace.com/mont-alpi-deluxe-series/p/mai805-dkegfc this is one of many products where the same issue occurs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the related products sit, and you can see pricing. The site is password protected but about to go live. - montalpi2023
  2. @creedon- I might be going out on a limb here, but since you were so helpful about a month ago, I thought I'd ask. I have a 108 products set up in my client website's inventory. And on each item, I have Related Products enabled. However, when I do that, the pricing appears under the related product. My client does not want to show price. About a month ago you directed me to the solution that hid pricing and add-to-cart from the PDP. I now need to figure out if there is a way to hide the related product pricing? If you can't help, no worries. But I thought I'd give it a go.
  3. Hey, On a website I am designing for a grill company, they want to display their product range but without pricing visible. They also want to display related products. I figured out how to hide pricing on all the product listings and PDPs using code injections. But, when I enable Related Products, pricing appears under each related product. What do I need to do to hide this price - see screenshot for example.
  4. @creedon - hey there, I re-read your comment above and realised you were redirecting me to some earlier posts. Sorry, first time at the rodeo so-to-speak. Anyway, I followed the trail and sorted out hiding everything I needed. Thank you.!
  5. Hey there @creedon - thanks. I actually found the code I used to hide price, and quantity posted in response to somebody's question last year. The code works for hiding price, seems to work for hiding quantity too. But, what I can't figure is how to hide the add to cart button. To be brutally honest, I don't really need a store/shop/commerce function. I'd much rather have a gallery block, and thumbs, and copy on the right I can control on their 'fluid page design'. But I can't find that as a template anywhere. A commerce template is the only template I can find on squarespace that offers the gallery+thumbs on the left, and the space for title and body copy on the right. Having breadcrumbs is a bonus. So, I either try my darned hardest to figure out how to hide that button. Or somebody needs to prove me wrong/show me where in SqSpace templateland this gallery and description style might exist. (see screenshot below for my ideal layout. ) Anyway, thanks for responding, and I am glad I found your code on the forum to hide price. I'm part way there.
  6. I'm busy designing an online brochure for a client who sells BBQ grills throught Wayfair. They want product description pages, but since the products are sold via wayfair and others like it, they don't need price, etc and add to cart (all things typically associated with commerce pages on SS) I found some code to help me hide pricing and quantity. The code I used is below. But I can't figure out how to hide the add to cart button (see screenshot added). Any suggestions for code injection? <style> /* hide price */ .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-product-price, /* layout simple */ .pdp-details .pdp-details-price /* layouts full, half, wrap */ { display : none; } </style>
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