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  1. Do you have any other ideas or options for what I can do with the text here? This is the first screen users see when they log on to my page, so I like to provide a good first impression.
  2. www.michaelaguocha.com Pass:AguochaAccess How do I add custom text on a banner? I want to add custom text to the center of my home page banner so that it transforms as you change the screen size. But the custom test should move up, along with the rest of the banner, as you scroll down the page. To be clear, I want the text on the center of the home page banner, not the page itself. This issue is extremely time-sensitive as I use this site for jobs I'm currently applying for.
  3. It's on my home page (https://www.michaelaguocha.com/). Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see it. Side Note: Do folks here not see the website when it's added in the "link" field in the original post? Is it better if people add the link in the post description? I only ask because I added my link via the link field in several of my posts (this one included), only for someone to ask me for the URL again before they offer assistance. Given the long turnaround time for someone to answer, it's a bit frustrating that this oversight could add another week before the problem gets addressed. Hope I don't come across as ungrateful. I truly appreciate the help, but just looking for ways to expedite the response.
  4. The code you provided keeps the pink text fixated in the middle of the screen until the banner is off-screen. I need the pink text in the middle of the banner, not the page. So the pink text should move up as I scroll down the page. (refer to the image below. I scrolled down to the middle of my home page. Ideally, the pink text should be where the white text is). Another issue - the pink text disappears when my cursor hovers over it. I only need the pink text to disappear when I hover over the links, not the text itself. body.homepage ul.portfolio-hover-items-list li:after { content: "I'm a Full-Stack Product Designer from Boston, Massachusetts"; position: fixed; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%,-50%); z-index: 99999; color: #f1f; font-size: 50px; text-align: center; width: 65%; line-height: 1.5em; } body.homepage ul:hover li:after{ visibility: hidden !important; }
  5. Looking for feedback for my UX Design portfolio that I use to present my professional work. https://www.michaelaguocha.com/ (PW:AguochaAccess) Mainly looking for feedback on the presentation (is it presented well enough, do the colors and typography feel ok?) the navigation (is it easy to move around on the site?) the content (does it feel like I have too much text?) But feel free to point out anything that looks weird or that I can do better.
  6. https://www.michaelaguocha.com/ (PW: AguochaAccess) I think I figured it out for the most part. I have this code (pasted below) But I would like a bit more of a fade in/out effect instead of an instant appearance if possible. Also, if there's a way to make the highlighted areas shorter, that'll be appreciated. section[data-section-id="6427f63b29751b4a10d42dab"]{ a:hover, a:hover span { background: #0E0D14 } }
  7. (Pass:AguochaAccess) I purchased the Noa Gallery from Ghost Plugins. (https://www.ghostplugins.com/products/noa-grid-gallery) It works well enough, except the title still appears when I'm not hovering over it. The subtitle and line text do disappears when (see image below). How can I modify the code so that the title disappears (like The subtitle and line ) when the image is not highlighted /* ---- GHOST PLUGINS - NOA GRID GALLERY START ---- */ @noa-ghost-title-size: 2rem; // title size @noa-ghost-title-color: #5575FF; // title color @noa-ghost-subtitle-size: 1.1rem; // description size @noa-ghost-sub-title-color: #ddd; // description color @noa-ghost-line-color: #5575FF; // line color @noa-ghost-line-thickness: 5px; // line thickness @noa-ghost-button-accent-color: #5575FF; // button color @noa-ghost-button-text-color: #fff; // button text color @noa-ghost-hover-overlay: rgba(0,0,0, .8); // overlay on hover @noa-ghost-images-border-radius: 10px; // image border radius @noa-ghost-text-position: 0%; // text position /* ----- DON'T EDIT BELOW THIS LINE - SUPPORT NOT PROVIDED IF EDITING BELOW THIS LINE ----- */ body{.margin-wrapper.custom-gallery-images-wrapper .custom-images-gallery-desc .inner-cust-wrapper h3:after{background-color: @noa-ghost-line-color!important;height: @noa-ghost-line-thickness !important;}.margin-wrapper.custom-gallery-images-wrapper{border-radius: @noa-ghost-images-border-radius;&:after{background-color: @noa-ghost-hover-overlay;}.custom-images-gallery-desc{.inner-cust-wrapper{h3{color: @noa-ghost-title-color;font-size:@noa-ghost-title-size;padding-top: @noa-ghost-text-position;@media only screen and (max-width: 800px){font-size: 1.3rem;}&:after{background-color:@noa-ghost-title-color;}}p{color: @noa-ghost-sub-title-color;font-size: @noa-ghost-subtitle-size;@media only screen and (max-width: 800px){font-size: .9rem;}a{border: 1px solid @noa-ghost-button-accent-color !important;color: @noa-ghost-button-accent-color !important;}}}}&:hover{.custom-images-gallery-desc{p{a{background-color: @noa-ghost-button-accent-color !important;color: @noa-ghost-button-text-color !important;}}}}}} @media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) {.margin-wrapper.custom-gallery-images-wrapper:after { opacity: 0.5 !important;}} @media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) {body .margin-wrapper.custom-gallery-images-wrapper .custom-images-gallery-desc .inner-cust-wrapper p {opacity: 1 !important;}} /* ---- GHOST PLUGINS - NOA GRID GALLERY END ---- */
  8. Sorry, this is the same topic as indicated in the following thread, so you can just ignore it. https://forum.squarespace.com/profile/346827-squarepegroundhole01/
  9. Yes that is correct; apologies for the misunderstanding. But I would also like to ask if there is any code for highlighting (not underlining) active text. The links are hard to read once the background image appears
  10. no, the code you provided previously keeps the text on the center of the screen even after I hover over the portfolio links. I need the following code modified so that the text disappears when I hover over the portfolio links. The customer text should also only be in the center of the banner image. body.homepage:after { content: "I'm a Full-Stack Product Designer from Boston, Massachusetts"; position: fixed; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%,-50%); z-index: 99999; color: #f1f; font-size: 50px; text-align: center; width: 65%; }
  11. for more context. I'm looking for behavior similar to the Hensen template in 7.0 The home page can display default response text (it's not a static image) However, when you hover over the links, it displays the second image (the text disappears). I want to do that for my page. Additionally, I like some code highlighting (not just underlining) the link I'm hovering over.
  12. I'd like my portfolio item links on my home page banner to change color - or even add a highlight - on hover. Any idea how I can do that?
  13. This works, except the text still appears when the banner of the other portfolio items are revealed (when I hover over the portfolio menu items). Also, It remains in the same position no matter where I scroll on the screen. How can this code be modified so that the text only appears in the center of the default banner, and disappears when another cover images appear?
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