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  1. I want to move a Wordpress website built with the X Theme where every page has been minimized by Cornerstone. When I export the pages from the existing site and import them into SS, what I get is all the minimized information and any straight text that is on the page. Are there any suggestions on how to transfer those minimized pages?
  2. I answered my own question. Manually enter the html code in the Description or Caption field: <a href = “/url slug”>Visible Caption</a>
  3. On the Home page, I am using images that represent categories of the image galleries I want to show. Those images have links that will take the viewer to the respective gallery. Each image has a caption below it with the name of the category. Is there a way that the caption can also be a link to the page for that category?
  4. "Image Data Importing" is a feature you can select in the Advanced section of Settings. It's a very important feature that can save a lot of time by not having to manually enter Captions or Descriptions for images. This, for photographer galleries, is very important and a feature photographers will use extensively. While it's right there in the Advanced menu, it doesn't work and hasn't worked since November 2021. Support requests have been entered many times but this feature they offer has not been fixed. Not having this feature is definitely a deterrent to photographers or paint artists from using galleries in Squarespace for their websites. This club is in a unique position to show the support staff how important this is for us. If you are adding titles or descriptions to your image file metadata in Lightroom, for example, you should not need to add them manually again in your gallery on Squarespace. But we need enough people to request this repair from support so they get the message this is important for us. So please help . Thank you!!
  5. Thank you. The more of us who report this issue the better and maybe they'll get the message that this is important to us.
  6. I don't understand it either how a company can offer a setting like this, have it be non-functioning for over a year and not fix it. It continues to prevent me from moving 3 other websites over to Squarespace because they are all photo image websites and I don't want to have to manually enter the descriptions for each image. PLEASE, does anyone at Squarespace read our pleas for a fix? You offer this feature but don't repair it when it doesn't work. Come on, please pay attention to our problem here!! Thank you in advance---- Marty
  7. We need to generate more discussion about getting this bug fixed to get more attention paid to it. It's the old "squeaky wheel" thing.
  8. There are alternatives that will do this in SmugMug and Adobe Portfolio, but I prefer building websites with Squarespace, which is why it's so frustrating that fixing this bug has been such a low priority.
  9. I appreciate that Engineering and Design teams must be very busy people making Squarespace even better than it is. However, I chose to use Squarespace for photo portfolio websites for my clients because it's well suited for displaying portfolios. One of the reasons for making this choice was because your website displays a way to automatically import meta data from images when they are uploaded. But, it's now been at least one year that this feature has not worked and this is preventing me from creating at least 3 new websites for Squarespace. So I do believe the is a marketable thing as it brought me in to creating Squarespace websites and I am extremely disappointed that it seems to have such a low priority for this bug to be fixed.
  10. If this is a problem you want to see them solve, then we need to get a lot more users to ask for it. It's obviously not sitting near the top of their priority list for bug fixes and to get it to the top needs many more users to complain about it. It's the old "squeaky wheel" concept. Frankly it's keeping me from creating several new websites on Squarespace because I want my image galleries to be able to read the file metadata. So, if this is a problem for you also, add your request to Support so they'll get the message that this is important!!
  11. It's been almost a year since this issue was raised and it still hasn't been fixed. Somehow photo and painting image galleries are not that important to Squarespace. It's too bad as this prevents my creating new sites for photographers and painters who want gallery websites. Does anyone know how we can get support to get active on fixing this?
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