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  1. Hi. I am updating my issue. So I am actually using the embed code and setting the &background=1 on that embed code the videos play automatically as part of the design. If I just use the normal video link on a video block it does work 9x16. What I want is an automatically playing link via the embed code to exist as a 9x16 element. thanks!
  2. Hi. I am trying to embed 9:16 (or other aspect ratio videos) I have hosted on vimeo. Unfortunately the video block is only 9:16 so the video layout looks pretty terrible as I have lots of wasted space on the sides of the video block. It makes having a nice tall 9:16 video with type on the side of it pretty much impossible. . Friends of mine that use WP to host can make it work fine with 9:16 vid's on vimeo. How can I do this on on SquareSpace? Thank You!
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