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  1. Do you mean rows or columns? Number of rows is basically determined by how many images you add to the gallery vs number of images (columns) in a row. I also have a situation where I would like to maintain a 3-column structure to my gallery, rather than this defaulting to 2 columns when viewing on a mobile device. I'm aware it's possible to modify this behaviour with custom code, but so far none of the solutions I've found in this forum have worked. Do share if you figure it out please!
  2. I have a gallery which I would like to restrict to a 3-column grid, regardless of the screen resolution and aspect ratio. This is something I would ideally be applying to one particular page, rather than across the entire site (although currently I'm not using a grid-style gallery on any other pages). Anyone know how to do this simply? I'm using Squarespace 7.0 on the legacy plan. cheers 🙂
  3. I don't have a live page to share unfortunately. But I just figured out (feeling kind of stupid) that the number of rows is determined by the number of images you upload to the gallery. I'm aware there is a way of maintaining the number of images per row when viewing on mobile devices using CSS customization (have not tried this yet)
  4. Is there a way to set the number of rows in a gallery grid (in Squarespace 7.0)? It allows me to select the default number of columns (via the images-per-row setting) - though I understand it may be necessary to add some customisation to maintain that number of columns viewing on e.g. a mobile phone. Is the number of rows controllable at all? I would like to experiment with some 3x3 gallery grids. Ideally forcing the 3x3 grid regardless of screen resolution/ device. Any ideas?
  5. I've just been told that iframes don't work at all on Personal Plans, but they happen to still work on my site because it's a "legacy" Personal Plan. Which is a bit annoying because it means I can't use my existing site to check what will actually work on a new Personal Plan account site
  6. Hi. I'm looking into setting up a new site, which would in part be a hub for episodes of a radio show. The episodes are long and contain multiple artists, so we're using Mixcloud to host the audio as it deals with licensing (most other platforms will block uploads). I'm curious about what methods people are using to embed Mixcloud episodes/ mixes on Squarespace sites. I have an existing site on a Squarespace 'Personal Plan' which I can test stuff on. So far, what I've got working is the simple method of using an Embed block and pasting the URL of the Mixcloud episode. It doesn't look desperately elegant, but it seems to function (both on desktop and Android phone). Screenshot attached to show what the player looks like using this method. Mixcloud has it's own widget which is customizable on the Mixcloud side, and looks a bit nicer - however it uses iFrames, and what Squarespace support have told me is that a Business Plan is required to make this work on a Squarespace site. However, testing the embed of the Mixcloud widget just now on my site (again, this is a Personal Plan) it seems to work fine. I'm a bit confused since Squarespace just told me iframe is NOT support on a Personal Plan, so why is it working on mine currently? I'm trying to figure out the best way of doing this, and to verify a method which will work solidly on a Personal Plan and look decent. I don't want to find out down the line that I need to upgrade to a Business Plan with the extra cost attached to that, if you see what I mean. Any thoughts / info appreciated!
  7. I'm curious about this one - I'm on a Personal Plan and also want to embed mixes from Mixcloud on my site. I understand that embedding the Mixcloud widget requires upgrading the Business Plan, since the Mixcloud widget uses iframes (correct?). But for this method of using the 'Embed' tool and pasting in the URL of my Mixcloud episode, it works fine. So no "premium integrations" needed
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