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  1. +1 Hi I have the same problem. My pictures are artistically desaturated and the compression does not work well with them. Did you found a solution for this already?
  2. Sorry that I can't provide a link, the site is under construction and this blog I need help with sits in a closed Member area. I managed to put the pagination on top of my blog (pic 1) but now need to put a small icon in the middle of the pagination (pic 2) that links to a overview site with the URL "/kursuebersicht" (German). If important for the code, the icon name is "navi_uebersicht.png" and it is 49x28px
  3. Thanks for the info. I also have not found a solution but let you know if so. J
  4. Hi fresh from Wordpress over to Squarespace now. At what place do i have to put the code, and should this work with large hight gallery also? Thank you
  5. +1 Hi, I have the same problem, does a solution exist by now?
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