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  1. @zoebrock - are you on 7.1 too? I had to tweak the "height: 30vh !important;" a bit to get it perfect on my site - you could try that. Also this is for a gallery block, slideshow, set to 'full' not 'full bleed'.
  2. Amazing - thank you so much. You are a like Santa for Squarespace (except every day is Christmas)!
  3. Thanks everybody - this is really helpful. Great community! I hope I can build up some experience and start actually helping others too!!!
  4. Site URL: https://www.alliancepackaging.ie I have a full width gallery block slideshow on my 7.1 site homepage. It looks great on desktop but only partially displays on mobile depending on where the focus has been set on the image, example below. I'd like to find a way of having the banner images display in full on mobile and wondered if anyone has ever found a workaround for this? Desktop: Mobile:
  5. Hi genelu. I can't see the gallery ID anywhere in the source - how do you find it?
  6. Hmmm. When I try it on my mobile (S8+) it still does it. I will ask a few more people to test it too. I'm glad that it worked for you - I wonder if it's a caching thing on my our mobile browsers?
  7. Site URL: https://www.alliancepackaging.ie/all-products Hi. I set up this site and launched it back in summer. It's an e-commerce site selling packaging. The issue I'm having is that, on mobile, the product images in the summary blocks on my shop page don't always load. In fact most of them never load. It's not always the same images. Has anyone encountered this issue and if so could you suggest a fix? I have some custom coding in place.
  8. Site URL: https://alliancepackaging.ie Hi Squarespacers I've created my products but would now like to add in a contact form that appears under the add to cart button on all products (identical on all ). I'd rather not have to go into every product and add it into the Additional Info tab. Is there a blanket (CSS?) option to do this. It's a 7.1 site. Thanks LarryAP
  9. Site URL: https://alliancepackaging.ie Hi Please have a look over the site I've put together and let me know what you think. I'm at the stage where I have looked at it so often I find it hard to be objective! Going to start adding in more text (do you think it's missing a 'mission statement' on the Homepage?). LarryAP
  10. No. Thanks for replying. It's not a huge problem, just a question of adapting to the standard page edit view 🤷‍♂️.
  11. Hi. I've published a few blogs but on creating the last one the format seems to have changed and I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this? It used to be that I could click the 'cog' symbol in the top right of the screen and create/edit the layout (images, text, etc), schedule, tag - all in a pop-out edit panel - like a more complex version of a page settings panel. But now that just does the basics and the layout is done on the main screen like a normal page. I really liked the other way and I'm not sure if I've just missed a step or if it's an actual change - anyone else have this iss
  12. Hi - I thought it was just me! My site has been doing this also. It seems to happen when I'm tinkering with the meta descriptions and tags.
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