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  1. Site URL: http://www.mcatventure.com Hi there! I have a problem with my summary. When I open my website it seems that the sizes of the photo looks wrong and the spacing also. I have attached a photo below for reference. It does the same to other summary that I have on my HOME. I would really appreciate any help given. Regards, AnneC.
  2. @WolfsilonThank you for this Dan! I hope you are well. Since you broke it down for me. I might need all the help you mentioned as I am new to this coding or blogging world but I would really appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance Dan!
  3. @paul2009 Thank you so much for this Paul! I might post another question soon as I need big help when it comes to coding or using markdown sheet. Thanks again! I hope you are well.
  4. Hi there! I would appreciate any help! I need a code for copyright by using markdown. And also I want to use my logo on footer but it's way too big for the mobile. How do I minimize it? Thank you in advance.
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