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  1. Site URL: https://www.seaforestation.com/ Hi! I dont know why when I search for seaforestation google links directly to the about us of my page. How I can change to the home? any ideas? I also seen that some websites has some buttons there to link to different parts of their website, is that something possible with squarespace? Thank you!
  2. Hello! I want to generate a news feed with articles from other websites related to seaweed. Do you have anything in mind for that? Thank you so much!
  3. Site URL: https://www.seaforestation.com/ I'm looking for a tool to curate content. I would like to have a news feed that is automatically generated. Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://www.seaforestation.com/ Hi! I curate content and and links in my website and would like to know if this is possible, either with a plug-in or with some code. Thank you!
  5. So I found another solution to the youtube links if I use https://cutt.ly/ to shorten the url and then added "target="_blank it works 🙂
  6. so it does not work with youtube or video links. Any idea how to make it work?
  7. I fixed it! url and added "target="_blank it works perfect!!!!💃
  8. So I added /"target="_blank after the url link and it does open a new page but not in the right way. I attached the page is opening now. For some reason this code added the / to the url what is making an 404 error. The url would be correct without the /
  9. Yes I did, but it doesnt work, I pasted the code on the page settings. Did I miss something?
  10. https://www.seaforestation.com/seaweed-in-the-news Hi I am also looking for a custom code to allow me to open the links of the different summary blocks of this website in a new tab. Thank you!
  11. Yes I think that might work! but I'm using squarespace 7.1 How I can addapted? thanks!
  12. Thank you so much! I think I have an idea. Because now what is happening is that if one click in the picture of the blog article leads you to a blank page. Here the example https://www.seaforestation.com/blog-2/gmdf4vu6b0xjxby5h2egj5dj35fx51 I made the header of each blog links to the article outside of my website. But the picture link is the problem. Would be possible to disable the picture link? Cheers!!
  13. This is the link to the blog article display https://www.seaforestation.com/blog-2 Then every article has the content like this https://www.seaforestation.com/blog-2/blog-post-title-two-h8tf4 https://www.seaforestation.com/blog-2/blog-post-title-three-m26pk https://www.seaforestation.com/blog-2/blog-post-title-four-55mdr That I would like to make invisible or delete 🙂 Then my question would be, every time I will create a entry in the blog, Should I put the code to delete the content page? Thank you!!!
  14. Site URL: https://www.seaforestation.com/ Hi everyone! I am curating content for my website seaforestation.com and would love to use the blog structure to give dynamisms to it and have the feeling that news are updated regularly. Because the content is outside of my website I don't need the blog article with the content inside my website, so I would like to get rid of it. Long story short, If a blog is compose of 2 pages I only need the first one displaying all the grid of articles. Any ideas? Thank you! this is what I want to hide or delete
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