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  1. I'm also having this same issue - did you get to the bottom of why?
  2. We've looked at a few of the apps but unfortunately that's a little out of budget for my client... I've managed to make them quite a nice Google Doc collating most of the data, so they've got something better than the previous paper system - but I'll admit I'm not much cop with JavaScript, so I think they'll have to make do! Thanks for your input, though - much appreciated.
  3. Site URL: https://www.swhealthcare.org.uk/artrix-checkpoint Hi there, I'm working on a site for one of my clients who require a timesheet generator for their staff - so, a checkpoint where they can sign in and out each day on arrival and departure, replacing the current paper forms staff hand to their line managers at the end of each month. One thing they'd really like, however, is for the form to collate their geolocation upon completion, so that staff can't simply sign in and out when not on campus. At present, the intention is to have a QR code checkpoint on site, and change the
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