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  1. No luck here? I'm also interested in randomizing blog posts instead of having it shown in one order all the time.
  2. Thanks again, @creedon! Worked perfectly.
  3. Would you mind helping me with the same thing? https://www.popoutadventures.ca/about Pin:7897. Need to swap image #2 with "our mission" copy Can't seem to find page section IDs; only data IDs. Thank you!!
  4. Awesome thank you, works perfectly! What about vertical spacers? I added one to the left of "Unearthing a new way to explore" -- do you have similar code for toggling this spacer? Thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://www.popoutadventures.ca/home Hello! Re: My top banner on home page Using a spacer above text is too much padding, and not using a spacer is too little padding. Any CSS ideas so I can toggle this myself manually? Thanks!
  6. SO helpful, thank you! It worked to remove the gallery thumbnails. The section block remains as a blank. Any thoughts on removing, or reducing space here?
  7. Amazing! Here is the link: https://popoutadventures.squarespace.com/config/pages/60124f84df880a5ce75bba7b https://www.popoutadventures.ca/explore
  8. Site URL: https://popoutadventures.squarespace.com/config/pages/60124f84df880a5ce75bba7b Looking to hide my product page thumbnails but keep product detail pages still active in 7.1. This is because I'm using a gallery block to 'showcase' the products and adding the product details page URL to the gallery images instead. So, I just want to use the product details pages but not have the thumbnails show on my store page. Any idea if possible/advice on code I can use for this?
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