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  1. Hey, I pasted a text I wrote for a shop item and the color of the preset design does not apply. Half of the font is purple, as it should, and the other that I pasted, shows black. Any idea on how I can reapply the design color? https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop/p/ocean-wave-bracelet-amazonite Thank you!
  2. See product: https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop/p/aura-goddess-necklace-sodalite-turquoise The form field appears after clicking "add to card". 1) Can I add a for field where one can choose the style of the necklace where it adds $10 for choosing a specific style of the necklaces? 2) Is there also a way to show the file BEFORE clicking ADD TO CARD? THANK YOU
  3. Is it possible to have a pop up with a preview of the item that has been added to the cart? Example attached:
  4. 1) Both if possible, I'd like to use the same color theme as the rest of my website but fpr some reason it doesn't apply on the mobile menu page. 2) Can the drop down arrows point downward instead of right? Attaching an example:
  5. Yess, --> hover link, change link color.
  6. I used to be able and customize each site and section now with the new Style Editor I'm not sure how to edit seperately anymore. How can I change the style of the mobile menu?
  7. That changed the whole footer green. Is there a way to only change the font color of the respective link/section (shipping & returns, privacy policy) to change color when hovering?
  8. Hey, just tried creating a code for the footer, but it didn't work: .footer.sections:hover>a { color: turquoise !important; section-background: none !important; } I would like to change the color of the Footer Sections when hovering over them, just like in the Navigation menu: www.soulmaidjewelry.com
  9. Hey Tuanphan, I've read through this thread and already used some helpful links. I added the CSS for a custom color when hovering over the navigation menu. And I added the CSS to remove the line underneath the chosen link. Can you help me with also adding a color when hovering over the shop categories on the left, regardless of which category I am in atm? Here is the link when in Earrings section: https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop/earrings Would there have to be a CSS added for each category or is there a general code? My "shop" link in the navigation menu brings you to a page with photos which I added as I wanted the landing page to be categories rather than all items showing randomly on one page.
  10. Thanks for your input. A folder in the navigation bar called "more" with drop down menu could be an option to link the other pages to the menu.
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