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  1. Yes, that is my problem. For some reason I can't link anything to it. Can you help w that?
  2. THANK YOU for replying. No I don't want it to go to an external page. The SHOP button in the nav bar used to be linked to the CATEGORIES page (in the not linked section). However, that way I was not able to have a drop down. So creating a SHOP folder, which is now in the nav bar, allows for the category drop down. Now I would like the SHOP button to be clickable and bring you to the CATEGORIES page (to have an organized overview of the categories with cover images for each one) like before. Right now clicking on SHOP (folder), brings you to "Couldn't find page". Attaching screenshots to make it more visible.
  3. I was able to make the dropdown clickable again by adding "shop-all" to all categories so it is linked to the hidden actual shop, e.g. "shop-all/necklaces" etc. as a link. The "Shop" folder in the navbar is not clickable though. I searched the forum and tried this: BUT that interferes with the background design of the dropdown and makes the first page of the "More" dropdown invisible as well. So now I added another page to the drop down "All Categories", which is a hidden page and I would like to be the landing page when clicking on Shop (in the nav bar). Can someone help with this? www.soulmaidjewelry.com
  4. @tuanphan do you maybe have a tip for me to fix this, too?
  5. RE desired --> almost. Horizontally: I'd like to to cover the full "Contact Me" font on the top down to the Instagram & FB symbols. Vertically: I'd like the right side of the black background to stop before the "First Name/Email/Message" vertical line.
  6. Thanks for this. It covered the whole page, so I tried a little around and was able to make the box a little smaller so it's only behind the font and not covering the whole picture or page. Now this is what I entered: /* Contact Page */ [data-section-id="644208399a91e8b484b6946c"]:after { content: ""; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); position: absolute; top: 2; left: 2; width: 50%; height: 50%; z-index: 10; } [data-section-id="644208399a91e8b484b6946c"] .content-wrapper { position: relative; z-index: 999; } Is there a way to get the black square aligned with the contact form itself? Either only the left side or the whole form? Let me screenshot which part I'm referring to. Basically aligning with the edges where the font stops so that part of the background is still shown in original color.
  7. Hey, do you know why the categories are all of a sudden not clickable anymore? I just checked and the pages show "We couldn't find the page you were looking for." When I change the URL slug for each of the drop down categories from "shop" to "shop-all" they individually work, e.g.: https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop/new to https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop-all/new But then the clickable SHOP doesn't work anymore. So changed them all back, and none of them work but the SHOP in the menu is clickable again. Do you have an idea how I could fix that?
  8. THANKS SO SO MUCH!! You're the best! Seriously. I truly appreciate all the help!!!!
  9. Is there also a code to put a background color behind the font on the contact page, so that the background image stays but the font is easier to read? https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/contact
  10. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thanks so much. Also for the perfect background color of the dropdown!! Yes, exactly. I would like to have this page https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop-categories show when clicking on SHOP. So I can remove "categories" option on the menu, where this page is on at the moment.
  11. And does anyone know how I can get the transparent back to a color in the dropdown menu? I can't find it in the code.
  12. Thank you!!! I was able to create the clickable drop down from the folder. Now I would just like the actual folder "Shop" to be linked to the Categories page ( https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop-categories ) . This was I can remove "categories" from the top menu. So one can choose to see the categories by clicking on SHOP or directly choose a category on the drop down. Does this make sense?
  13. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I was able to create a folder and make the drop down clickable. Is it possible to link the folder to a page? I would like to have the SHOP folder linked to the current CATEGORIES page. www.soulmaidjewelry.com Also, the drop down is now transparent. I'd like to change the color so the drop down is readable on all pages. The following is my current Header CSS. Can I change it within the code or just add something to change the dropdown background color? CSS: @media screen and (min-width:768px) { section.ProductItem-details { padding-top: 0 !important; } } .header-nav-item:hover>a { color: #f5ae93 !important; } .header-nav-folder-item:hover a { color: #f5ae93 !important; } .header-nav-item--active a { background: none !important; } /* Shop category color on hover */ li.category-item a:hover { color: #f5ae93; } .header-menu-bg.theme-bg--primary { background: white; } .header-menu-nav * { color: #E1CCBE !important; } span.chevron.chevron--right { transform: rotate(135deg); }
  14. Is it possible to create a dropdown for the shop? I currently have a page with Categories linked to "Shop" (navigation bar). The Shop All page is hidden. I'd like to keep the category page, when clickin on "shop" and add a drop down for each of the categories. I created a dropdown for "more" by making it a folder. My question: can a folder be linked to a page? This way I could keep the category page and add a drop down when hovering over shop. So one can choose between the category overview or clicking on one of them specifically. https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/
  15. Hey, I pasted a text I wrote for a shop item and the color of the preset design does not apply. Half of the font is purple, as it should, and the other that I pasted, shows black. Any idea on how I can reapply the design color? https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop/p/ocean-wave-bracelet-amazonite Thank you!
  16. See product: https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop/p/aura-goddess-necklace-sodalite-turquoise The form field appears after clicking "add to card". 1) Can I add a for field where one can choose the style of the necklace where it adds $10 for choosing a specific style of the necklaces? 2) Is there also a way to show the file BEFORE clicking ADD TO CARD? THANK YOU
  17. 1) Both if possible, I'd like to use the same color theme as the rest of my website but fpr some reason it doesn't apply on the mobile menu page. 2) Can the drop down arrows point downward instead of right? Attaching an example:
  18. I used to be able and customize each site and section now with the new Style Editor I'm not sure how to edit seperately anymore. How can I change the style of the mobile menu?
  19. Hey Tuanphan, I've read through this thread and already used some helpful links. I added the CSS for a custom color when hovering over the navigation menu. And I added the CSS to remove the line underneath the chosen link. Can you help me with also adding a color when hovering over the shop categories on the left, regardless of which category I am in atm? Here is the link when in Earrings section: https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop/earrings Would there have to be a CSS added for each category or is there a general code? My "shop" link in the navigation menu brings you to a page with photos which I added as I wanted the landing page to be categories rather than all items showing randomly on one page.
  20. Following this, as I'm trying to do the same. https://www.soulmaidjewelry.com/shop
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