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  1. Wow, thank you for noticing these problems (I hadn't noticed most of them). I would love help with all of those things.
  2. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com I was wondering if there was a way to move the caption overlay on the home page images from the bottom to the top or middle of the image. Thanks! Website: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Password: @Barleycorn5
  3. creedon-- Thank you for your help and the clear implementation instructions. There is definitely no way I would have come up with this solution (adding a section to the footer and then moving to the top of the page is definitely lateral thinking). However, I am having a little bit of a hard time with this for a couple of reasons. First, the stripe is below the main header and not above. Second, While I can insert both text, social icons, and other content blocks, I am having a hard time modifying the section with CSS. I have the section ID (data-section-id="603fc7427e1dff4cbb481d29"), but I can't seem to affect the background or padding in any way. This is probably my inability to completely understand the details of the coding and CSS, in general. Again, thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.
  4. Hello-- I am by no means an expert at anything with Squarespace, but there is an option (located under "Color") for transparent header when you edit the header (it's a toggle switch at the top). Additionally, I look at your CSS and it looks like the .homepage and body.homepage would singularly select your homepage as receiving the transparency.
  5. Thank you for the response, but I figured out a way around the issue I was having.
  6. Sorry for the delay in returning your response, things happen. I am basically looking to have a stripe across the top with a centered, editable message (could be in relation to Covid response, a coupon, or something else) so it would need to have capabilities to support a link and also I would like to have the social media grouping in the stripe as well. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Password: BarleyCorn
  8. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Quick question: Is there a way to add a second row to the header? If so, how?
  9. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com I have come across an odd situation concerning text blocks. What I did (and was moderately successful): I was trying to put a horizontal line under a text block in the footer (it is an H4 designation). I successfully completed this with the following CSS code: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1614021495603_13173 {border-bottom: 1px solid #fff;} Under the text block was the social media icon list. I also wanted to have a menu on a second text block (it is immediately to the right after a spacer) so I used essentially the same CSS only targeting a different block: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1614021495603_27864 {border-bottom: 1px solid #fff;} This (unsurprisingly) successfully put a line under the "Menu" header text. I proceeded to enter a "dummy" menu in a text block below the "Menu" text block. I saved it. When the page was reloaded, though the border was underneath the "dummy" menu text block and not the "Menu" title text block. What I would like to happen: Simply, I would like the border to be under the "Menu" title text block and not the actual menu. Some additional information which may be useful: The two text blocks in question (Menu title and Menu text) still have their respective separate references. I also tried the horizontal rule content block, but the padding was just too large.
  10. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Hello-- I am working on my store and have rearranged pages. I have been having some difficulty with my existing inventory migrating to new pages. For instance, we have candles which were originally in a home decor page, but now I have a separate candle page for them. When I created the new store page (named "Candles") there were no candles on the page despite all of the inventory candles having the "Candles" category. What I think is happening is Squarespace creates the general inventory from referencing the pages instead of the pages referencing the general inventory for their content. Is this true? I guess, I am also asking what the proper order is to load items into a store: store page --> page inventory or inventory --> store page I ask this because I have a very large number of items I would like to add to the store, and I need to understand how this works so I do not have to load things twice (or three times or four times... 😉 ). Thanks.
  11. No solution yet, I'm sorry to say.
  12. Site URL: https://saffron-butterfly-a26f.squarespace.com Using Squarespace 7.1 (business package), I am trying to create a dropdown menu system similar to what is at https://www.100percentpure.com/ . My plan is to have 8 main links, each with a couple of choices underneath (e.g. main link "Gallery" would have the choice of either "Art" or "Furniture" beneath). I would also like to have the main link be ("Gallery") bring up a page with all the products in both "Art" and "Furniture". I have tried to do this a couple of ways: 1. Create subcategories off a store page (e.g. a category of "Gallery" with sub-categories "Art" and "Furniture"). This did not work because the main menu did not have the sub-categories as menu choices. 2. Adding a Folder named "Gallery" with new store pages named "Art" and "Furniture". This gets me almost there, but the main Folder does not lead to a page so I have to add a third sub-category page "Gallery" to encompass both "Art" and "Furniture". I think this is a problem that has been covered elsewhere with varying success (in the coding/customization area I believe). As an added irritation, since I am reworking the store from a previous store, the new pages do not reference the categories of existing inventory which I have corrected the categories to match my new organization. I realize there are a lot of different little problems here, but I couldn't figure out how to parse them down into smaller problems as they are all somewhat linked together.
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