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  1. thanks - though if I can use the code I've already paid for, that would be pref 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://altustraffic.squarespace.com/ Hi all, I ran my site through Pingdom and it has flagged the following: Avoid URL redirects F23 Add Expires headers F35 Reduce DNS lookups E56 Make fewer HTTP requests Forgive my ignorance - how do I fix these? Thanks! Daniel
  3. Site URL: https://altustraffic.squarespace.com/utilities Hi guys, I have custom code setup to have accordions setup - though I would like to have AJAX loading turned on. Does anyone know how I can edit the code to allow for AJAX loading and not need to be refreshed to work? Any help here would be amazing:) one of the many many code blocks with accordions.. <ul class="accordion-2"> <li class="accordion-2__item"> <span class="accordion-2__title">Customer Imperatives</span> <div class="accordion-2__content"> <p> <ul> <li> Want to be able to book traffic management quickly and on short notice</li> <br> <li>Want provisioning to be strategic, such that there is maximum flexibility in timing and location of works</li> <br> <li>Want full compliance with overarching management plans for safety, quality, the environment and training</li> <br> <li>Want traffic management provider to advocate for safety where other subcontractors are onsite </li> <br> <li>Want error-free, supporting documentation to support commercial operations </li> <br> <li>Want responsiveness when an issue is raised</li> </ul> </p> </div> </li> <ul class="accordion-2"> <li class="accordion-2__item"> <span class="accordion-2__title">Delivery Focus</span> <div class="accordion-2__content"> <p><ul><li> Traffic management is able to be booked efficiently and on short notice</li><br> <li> Projects are provisioned correctly with the necessary plans and permits in place to allow work to commence on schedule and accommodate flexibility</li> <br> <li>Staff are onsite at the correct time with the correct equipment</li> <br> <li>Staff follow processes correctly in accordance with overarching management plans for safety, quality, the environment and compliance</li> <br> <li>Staff are professional and physically engaged with the movement of people, vehicles and contractors onsite</li> <br> <li>Invoicing is correct and supported by documentation in accordance with customer requirements</li></ul> </p> </div> </li>
  4. Hi all, Does anyones know how to stop a vimeo video in a gallery from showing pause control option on hover? I have it on autoplay looping and don't want the pause icon to appear at all on mouse over.. Thanks, Daniel:)
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