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  1. Sorry I wasnt more precise, my terminology is not correct. Since the title "NYC 988..." is a link, I am trying to achive the same hover behavior as "VIEW WEBSITE". Does this help explain the funtionality I am looking for?
  2. Hello! Thanks so much for your reply. I am trying to achieve 2 things: 1) In the screen shot above, can the text "Contact NYC 988" (below the hover "VIEW WEBSITE") be a 2 color hover link that takes user to the blog post? This would be for all the posts on this page only, not the rest of the site. Would these have to be linked manually or can this be done with code? 2) How can I add a 2 color hover to the titles on this page only? please see screenshot. Many thanks
  3. Thank you for the explanation. The client wants a sticky headline so I will give the the option to turn that off in exchange for a rounded corner. Thank you for getting me so far along on code for this use and other parts of the website!
  4. Can you tell me the name of the plug-in and i can take a look at the features?
  5. So sorrry that's a typo, PW is NTH2024#
  6. Thanks so much for the above. Some strange behaviour is occurring (see screen shots) so I am leaning towards leaving the border square.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for this. If it involves too much html, i can live with the plain border I have now.
  8. Thank you for your reply. This code doesnt seem to have changed the behaviour. narrow screen type is crashing and wider screen has a large gap.
  9. It seems that the accordion content has not changed behaviour when i try to edit. Would it be possible to share a screen shot of how it is working when you add the code injection?
  10. Thank you so much! This also allows me to repeat this for other blocks as well, so super useful. Another related aspect of the blog has come up: On https://playbook-nth.squarespace.com/social-services-referral-resources pw NTH2024 I am trying to make a link on each blog excerpt jump to each the blog entry in the same way that the title links to the entry. link would be blue text that changes to red on hover. I have attached a sample image below using 'NYC 988..." entry as an example. Many thanks.
  11. Hello. Yes I want the list in an accordion but it is only allowing me to use numbered list or bulleted list within the accordion text. Is there a way to format a numbered list with bulleted entries following each numbered item?
  12. That worked perfectly! Thank you so much For some reason the pre hover color (from higher up in the thread ) on the link "WEBSITE" is not displaying as a color. I am tring to have the pre-hover color as red and the hover color is set to blue using CSS. I think this is probably a SQSP site style issue as I cant find it in CSS.
  13. Hello again and thanks for your patience. I have created a copy so that you can look at it without it changing. https://playbook-nth.squarespace.com/role-responsibility-copy PW: NTH2024#
  14. Hello. I changed the password 10 min ago when working with squarespace chat support. it has been changed back to NTH2024#
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