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  1. Can you display the block on the mobile menu not just the icon?
  2. Would also love a bulk import feature for events. I have mentioned this before but not sure if thats on the feature roadmap anytime soon. Entering each manually is absolutely painful
  3. Try going to Design -> Site Styles, search for Events. deselect the 'show export links' option. That did it for me.
  4. Site URL: https://spinach-parrot-ap5k.squarespace.com/new-events I want to add a heading and link via text block to the top of my events page, but the Events page doesn't allow for that. I'm using Bedford. I have tried to workaround this but the index page doesn't include event, and the summary block option doesn't include all the info from the events page I need on there (i.e. register for the event button).
  5. same question here too. Can I send a confirmation email after a form submit?
  6. I have the same question. Is this possible? I am creating a site for a summer club and events are organized for the season ahead of time. I'd much rather bulk upload of possible than create one by one. All I can find is this supported for products as well. Sorry I guess this is not a reply but not sure how to bump this
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