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  1. Thanks you so much, u're the best. BUT It only changes the body, then I have to use a different code for Header and Footer. But it's not very nice as it basically adds a colored layer, and when you scroll you see the white background under the layer. Any code for changing the real background?
  2. I am working on it so not online yet. I got rid of everything in the header but the Hamburger Icon (no search no SM).Again: hamburger Icon in the middle on mobile layout allows users to access with the right thumb, thanks a good UI design.
  3. Skye Template - change the background color of just a specific page
  4. In the mobile version the bottom header is brilliant, although it would be even better if I could place the hamburger it in the middle: in this way it would reachable with the right thumb. What's the code to change the position in the middle JUST IN THE MOBLE layout?
  5. In the skye Template the header is on the bottom, this from a UI point of view is unusual, I find cool though but in order for the audience to see it easily it would be great to change the color of the header ONLY on mobile. Anyone who can help me on this?
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