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  1. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ When on mobile view of the site everything on about website has suddenly moved to the left hand side and is really smaller. This is for all images on the site. How do I correct this? I have attached a screenshot to show what has happened.
  2. Hi, I cannot seem to find gallery block when using identifier however I have attached screenshot with area circled in red to highlight which area I am talking about.
  3. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ On the home page there is a gallery block however when on a tablet on portrait view the image is cut off and too big. Is there a code to ensure you can see all of the image/wording ?
  4. Image is on home page near the bottom heres the link https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/
  5. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ Please can anyone help with resizing one image on my website for mobile view? I have tried various attempts but still cannot resize the image so that is more zoomed out for mobile. Many Thanks Sophie
  6. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ I have a live instagram feed on website however it is not loading any new content, it has only displaying the first three posts on instagram? not sure why is isn't working when it did to begin with. Does anyone know why this might be?
  7. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ How can I resize logo for the correct sizing for header and footer on mobile view of my website? I'm guessing it will be resized for header and footer by using code but I'm not sure?
  8. @tuanphan Thank you for the code however it has made the first gallery slideshow block smaller rather than the still image? Thanks Sophie
  9. Hi @tuanphan Is this what you mean? #block-83958b87425871cf6dda https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/
  10. @tuanphan Im not sure if this is what you wanted me to do? but heres the link below https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/
  11. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ Hello I need to resize this image as it is currently too zoomed in for mobile view. I have looked on other peoples questions/answers and tried the codes however I can still not get the correct outcome. I have added a screenshot to show which image it is. Many Thanks Sophie
  12. @tuanphan The website is live so no password needed now. Thanks Sophie
  13. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ I'm currently finishing off making the site mobile view ready, does anyone know how to make the images bigger without the alignment going off the page? Heres a screenshot of page and marked with a circle the image style that needs to be bigger. Here is also a link to the page www.thelivinghouse.co.uk (most of these title style images on are the homepage) I can add password to post if anyone knows how to help with this. Thanks Sophie
  14. @tuanphan Hi Tuanphan Thanks for getting back to me. Here a screenshot of page and marked with a circe the image style that needs to be bigger. Here is also a link to the page www.thelivinghouse.co.uk (most of these title style images on are the homepage) Hope this helps for what you had requested? Thanks again Sophie
  15. @tuanphan Hi Tuanphan, The images which are titles are on most pages, I have attached an image as an example of one of the titles. Many Thanks Sophie
  16. @tuanphanThank you so much!! This has worked brilliantly. Could I ask you one more question? I have various titles on each sections of the pages how do I make these larger without the image going off the screen/ off centered? Many Thanks Sophie
  17. Hi Paul Shall I send the password in a message? Many Thanks Sophie
  18. Site URL: https://www.thelivinghouse.co.uk/ I have nearly finished the site however I am now making it mobile friendly. There are a couple of gallery blocks on the site which are appearing too large on mobile view. What code would I need to make this work for 7.1.
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