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  1. Brilliant @tuanphan – this works perfectly! Thank you very much πŸ™‚
  2. Hi @tuanphan, is there a version of this which will work with just an image block? I'm trying to change the aspect ratio of the top image on the mobile homepage of suzannehamiltonpodiatry.com. Desktop works as intended, but on mobile it scales down as landscape, I'd like to make this a portrait format to fill the mobile screen more. Thanks!
  3. Trying to do something similar, image aspect ratio is fine for desktop but too narrow on mobile, so I'd like to make it portrait. (See image attached, on homepage) https://www.suzannehamiltonpodiatry.com/ Pass: hs100 Ideally banner would take up around 70% screen height. I've tried to edit it and can get the image to extend down but then the text overlay doesn't match up and a few other issues. Not quite there… ////BANNER IMAGE #block-2518090d1655ad77c24f div { margin-top: 10px !important; height: 200px !important; padding-bottom: 200px !important; width: auto !important; } #block-2518090d1655ad77c24f .sqs-block-content { margin-bottom: 20px !important; } #block-2518090d1655ad77c24f img { width: auto !important; margin-left: -100px; } #block-2518090d1655ad77c24f .img-overlay { display: none !important; }
  4. So turns out, what site animation you use, must effect the classes for links! (Maybe of interest @tuanphan) You can see from the two examples below showing difference between Clip and Flex.
  5. Thank you @tuanphan and @bangank36, both of these work! However, I've found @bangank36 your solution allows me to style the caption better, yet I'm struggling to get it to work right on mobile. Ideally if I could specify height and enable scroll to make the best use of space when the lightbox is used? I've been trying this: @media screen and (max-width: 799px) { .lightbox-caption { width: 85% !important; height: 90px !important; overflow: scroll !important; } } Though doesn't seem to work, no scroll. And does not show up on iPhone safari mobile?
  6. Yeah no problem @tuanphan, https://sphere-saxophone-dbsb.squarespace.com/world-development-people-not-projects Pass: mci21hs It'll be on a commerce plan most likely. We've already been using some custom plugins etc. Thanks!
  7. I'd also like to create something similar but on 7.1. The above doesn't seem to work. I created a gallery section with images and descriptions, so on selecting an image and viewing it in lightbox it would be great to show the description. Either with the ability to style the lightbox or simply to display the description on hover. Thanks!
  8. Ah not quite @tuanphan, I solved the nav. But I couldn't change those hover effects for the rest of the text in main body. On the footer with the dark background you can still see the animation. I'd like to remove that. Increase the padding between text and underline. And on hover remove underline. I'm not sure why there are so many classes and styles for text links. Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://www.hundredstudio.co.uk A recurring problem I have is the default underline style 7.1 uses. For this example, I'd like to have all my body links underlined (and increase bottom spacing), with a change in opacity/style on hover. Removing that animation (which doubles up in some places depending on colour background). I got the nav links to change how I want. Very frustrating there's no way to change global style of link styles? See footer and /contact page for examples. Thanks πŸ™‚
  10. +1, I've noticed this myself. Especially when any custom code has been added to arrange things, there's a noticeable jump as everything loads into place. Would be great to make these page transitions smoother, even if it meant adding, 0.2/0.5s delay.
  11. Oops, sorry the page had changed since I posted this, here it is: https://orb-herring-zxe4.squarespace.com/portfolio/stjohns-church
  12. Yes no problem @tuanphan, https://orb-herring-zxe4.squarespace.com/work/stjohns-church Pass: reqa121
  13. I haven't, then again as a forum for Circle members, you're going to be talking to other people doing the same thing but that's the benefit I think. I get more use out of Circle for feedback and queries. So seems a good place for SS updates, advice and seeing what others are up to – rather than selling. I'm still only recently starting to use this more myself. Craig
  14. I actually have the opposite query, on how to get the gallery caption to display over the image on hover? It currently displays below the images in gallery (like this). Thanks
  15. Still this problem exists. I'm trying to style my lock screen before I take down my site to make some changes. This is really poor from Squarespace. No ability to change any styles apart from the password input. I'm also not able to use the code injection workaround as I'm not on a premium plan. Any timeframe from when we can expect a fix?
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