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  1. I reported this to support earlier today and it was confirmed to be an issue and was escalated up the chain.
  2. Thanks @creedon! I think it's fixed! My client liked the "tabs without a plugin" idea a lot so glad we could make it happen!
  3. That definitely worked to get rid of the weird grey boxes! Now there are just two random bullets by the tabs to get rid of somehow!
  4. https://topnotchhomes.squarespace.com/models/p/fairview-4w3rt - right now I just have this code in the additional info section of this one product.
  5. @tuanphan - I have a client that I think must have found your code and she is having the same problem with the grey boxes as @ferguswood above. Any thoughts on how to fix? Thanks!
  6. @Mookey thanks for the update on your experience! I should have posted that I have had some better luck with this since my original post -- I recently worked on a client's site that had about 800 subscribers that needed to be imported from Flodesk. I just opened their CSV file in Google sheets, stripped out everything except email, first name, last name and resaved as a fresh CSV. Imported without problems. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe this has been "fixed" even though it was never really acknowledged as a problem?
  7. @Slaidman all I can say is that I feel you. I went through this same thing and am sad to hear it's still not resolved. It's truly the one failure of Squarespace Campaigns because everything else works great once you're in there. But not being able to easily import from another platform is pure ridiculousness.
  8. It's so bizarre. Hopefully if more people report that this is an issue it will get some attention!
  9. @christyprice I wish I would have found this thread earlier today because man was this a headache with support to get them to realize that something's not working right! 😬 How can the same list broken up into smaller batches result in no errors when it has the exact same content as the large list? A true mystery! lol Anyways, I did the batch thing and finally had success. Also, I sent someone your way to check out your email campaigns course since I know you're the pro at it! Thanks!!
  10. Commenting here even though the original post is quite old to say that this problem still persists. I get the same error message even after paying for one of the recommended services (BriteVerify) from this help article that support kept referring me to. BriteVerify confirmed that less than 1% of my list was invalid. I removed those addresses and tried to re-upload and still got the same error. @StudioPlug's solution of breaking the CSV into smaller parts might be worth a try. It's better than support's only other suggestion which was to manually add each subscriber ONE. BY. ONE. 😲
  11. We're using this on several pages but this is one of them: https://www.melissadesignerjewelry.com/bastian-inverun. Some of the items still displaying are sold out (just the tag is hidden). Let me know what you think!
  12. This didn't change anything but I feel like we must be close! 🤏
  13. Hi @tuanphan I have been playing with this code and it appears to hide the actual "sold out" tag but not the sold out product. Any ideas on a resolution that would hide the actual sold product from a summary block?
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