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  1. It's so bizarre. Hopefully if more people report that this is an issue it will get some attention!
  2. @christyprice I wish I would have found this thread earlier today because man was this a headache with support to get them to realize that something's not working right! 😬 How can the same list broken up into smaller batches result in no errors when it has the exact same content as the large list? A true mystery! lol Anyways, I did the batch thing and finally had success. Also, I sent someone your way to check out your email campaigns course since I know you're the pro at it! Thanks!!
  3. Commenting here even though the original post is quite old to say that this problem still persists. I get the same error message even after paying for one of the recommended services (BriteVerify) from this help article that support kept referring me to. BriteVerify confirmed that less than 1% of my list was invalid. I removed those addresses and tried to re-upload and still got the same error. @StudioPlug's solution of breaking the CSV into smaller parts might be worth a try. It's better than support's only other suggestion which was to manually add each subscriber ONE. BY. ONE. 😲
  4. We're using this on several pages but this is one of them: https://www.melissadesignerjewelry.com/bastian-inverun. Some of the items still displaying are sold out (just the tag is hidden). Let me know what you think!
  5. This didn't change anything but I feel like we must be close! 🤏
  6. Hi @tuanphan I have been playing with this code and it appears to hide the actual "sold out" tag but not the sold out product. Any ideas on a resolution that would hide the actual sold product from a summary block?
  7. @tuanphan sorry about that. Here is the correct URL: https://blenny-octagon-5nrn.squarespace.com/shop/melissa
  8. Site URL: https://blenny-octagon-5nrn.squarespace.com/shop/melissa%C2%A0 I have a client's site where I have used some CSS to make the 2nd child in the shop nav a different style so it stands out. This worked fine until she added some subcategories and the CSS is applying to the 2nd item there as well. I can tweak the code to apply only to the 2nd child in the subcategory list but the other way around. The current code I'm using is below. Anyone have thoughts on a solution to exclude the subcategories from this? .products.collection-content-wrapper .nested-category-tree-wrapper li:
  9. @tuanphan you're great for offering this although it still just seems like something that should just work as expected across the board. It's such a simple thing. Just make 7.1 lock screens the same as 7.0. That's it. That's the "update."
  10. @jffryarlyn yes, the response has been disappointing at best. I've submitted this as an issue repeatedly and get the same response that they've "made a note of it" and "can't guarantee" when or if it will be worked on. The thing that just baffles me completely is that the functionality already exists... on 7.0. I could understand if lock page styles were somehow linked to site styles (at least then things would be cohesive!) but lock page styles live in their own little ecosystem. So just use the same lock page styles as already exist on 7.0??!! Literally nothing would have to change? I don't
  11. Chiming in here to hopefully help this topic get some more traction. Being able to style the lock screen as a "coming soon" page in 7.1 is absolutely necessary and the fact that style options for things like font, photo overlay, etc. are missing from 7.1 on this has to be an oversight. Just make this work like it did in 7.0! Not sure why this wouldn't be possible?! It's imperative to be able to have a branded coming soon page!
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