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  1. Indeed!! ...but now I kinda like how it looks on desktop And I already improved it a little bit more from what I sent before. On mobile, it is good, the light gray block is aligned with the back of the picture and now you can see the block that was hidden under it. It is the tablet version which is a little off still... I managed to make the gray block start after the picture, it just overlays a little with the text under - just the first couple lines max and it is not the recipe yet so it doesn't really matter. And to make it "lighter", I put the gray background at 85% opacity, so that there is a little transparency... Not perfect but will waiting to see if someone can help improve it even more, it will do! (Those are screenshots of the squarespace preview I checked: on my smartphone it looks exactly like that... and it looks better on my own tablet, the gray background covers more text than here) personal note/ I am an art director so that's why I like it "pretty" 😉😁 ...even if it's not the most convenient or easy and there is a certain satisfaction when you finally find something that works 😜
  2. I found another begining of solution... just in case it helps someone help me 😉 @media only screen and (max-width:500px) { .sqs-block-image .design-layout-poster .image-card-wrapper> { background-color: #f2f3f3; height: 125%; } } Works good for the mobile view (except it hides the button right under it): ...but still far from ok for the tablet view 😭 And for now, I found the way to "tweak" the text but not the image... I'll keep looking. Don't hesitate to chime in 😉 Sometimes it takes 2 people to find a solution
  3. Site URL: https://www.raconte-moidessalades.com Hello, I have trouble with the display of my poster images both on tablet and mobile: Here is the desktop view... It is the block in the center with the light gray background. Since I couldn't add my pictograms properly around the text, I made them into a single image on the background. Obviously, it's all messed up when you are on mobile or tablet view 😭 Here are the Squarespace previews so you can see: Unfortunately, I have this block present on each one of my post pages... But since I was carefull not to use this poster image disposition nowhere else in the website, maybe I have a shot at trying to act on this so it can affect all the blocks at the same time. I am thinking the easiest would be to not display the image and add a color background to the text (same light gray than the current image)... (pity for the pictograms but I prefer to have it "nice and clean" and have a little info missing rather than having things looking messy) I tried a few things but I'm not there yet. The closest I got was this (but it creates even more problems so that's not good) @media only screen and (max-width:1200px) { .sqs-block-image .design-layout-poster .image-card-wrapper> { width: 100%; height: 140%; margin-top: 20%; margin-bottom: 20%; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); } .sqs-block-image .design-layout-poster .sqs-image-content> { display: none; } } If someone can help me fix this?? Or if you see something else to try? Letizia
  4. Hi! Yes, I am currently adding my code into Design > Custom CSS Do you know if there is a limit of character or lines for a personal plan? 'Cause while waiting to know if there is a way to change all the occurences of the same image, I am manually entering code to change them all individually... And yes, my mistake, I forgot a "s" in the url, here is the right one: https://www.raconte-moidessalades.com/ 😊
  5. Site URL: https://www.raconte-moidessalades.com Hello, I am rather new at coding... I did some at the university -a lot of- years ago, so I get how it works, I just lack the language knowledge here. I found most of what I wanted to do with some bases I read on forums online, but I still have a few tweaks I would like to do to optimize the mobile and tablet versions of my site, and I can't find a begining of a solution anywhere... 😥 I'm hoping someone here could be able to help!! So here is what I would like to optimize: 1/ I will start with the most annoying (but maybe the most difficult too) On ALL my blog posts I use an image gallery as a nice visual menu to access the other categories of my site (on the far right of the picture) Trouble is on mobile, it takes all the width of the screen at the bottom and it is rather HORRENDOUS (it is even worse on my phone than on the squarespace preview) I have easily found how to change the size of one unique block but here it is present on all my blog pages, so I can't go and add css for every page I will ever write. Do you know if there is any way to affect all the occurrences of a gallery? -I only have a personal plan though- If it is possible, I would like to make it smaller on mobile... but if it not possible and there is way to just make it not appear (but I feel the problem is the same for one or the other) ...Or is there maybe another clever way for me to go around it? ... 2/ On the same pages, I have 2 pictures that also appear full screen on mobile and are really TOO BIG!! (but for some obscure reason way too small on tablet -- but I care about it less) Here also, since it is present on each post, I can't go add css to resize each one... I was trying to see if I could affect directly the url of where the image is stocked, but the problem is I already saw when I looked at 2 different pages that the urls are not the same 😭 Only thing I can think of is we can apply a change with the name of the file (the only thing that appears to not change is this) Does anyone know if it is possible? 3/ little bug on the metadata preview on the posts list. For some reason, when the text is too long, the data stays in 2 columns, it is difficult to read... whereas on the homepage the date properly sits on the first line, and the categories drop down on another line, with no doing of my own? How it that possible? Can I make it do the same here? - on my website, it is the page named "ACTUS" - When on the homepage, it gives me this: 4/ Another display bug both on mobile and tablet -but I knew this one was gonna be tricky when I developped it- is this overlay image and text ("poster" disposition) - it is the central block on a light gray background - I have no other poster image on the rest of website, so maybe I can try and make it a little better. Rather than making the text smaller (it is not too big to begin whin, I want it to still be legible), I was thinking I could have the background image's height that stretchs up to be higher and contain all the text... or -never mind about my pictograms in the back- can I just not display the image and add a light gray background instead ? If you have any idea for me to optimize what it is looking like right now, I will take it!!! 5/ This is the last one -I promise- Since I am asking for help, I thought I would ask too if there is a way to make these "overlap" image layouts look nicer when on smaller devices? - it is the square image on the right that links to another page of the site - Is it possible to make it not an overlay and juste simply have the image and then the text underneath?? ----- If anyone can offer some help or ideas, I would SO appreciate it!! Thank you in advance to help, my website is online since yesterday: www.raconte-moidesalades.com And if I was not clear in one of my explanations (sorry, I am new at this and the language difference is not making it easier), don't hesitate to ask for me to rephrase ^^ Letizia - APOLOGY - I had to complete the subject to post the questions, but I really have more than one topic. I still think it is easier for eveyone to ask everything in the same message and not start 5 different conversations, but I apologize if it is an incovenience... 😒 sorry
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