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  1. @creedon My problem with turning the Categorie Title on was that it showed up the title of the page (Exhibitions) at the top of the links which I didn't really want as it didn't work with my design. Your CSS solution worked perfectly though so thanks again Creedon! I really must learn some CSS!
  2. @Creedon Thanks for the revised code, both the portrait and landscape images show up in the same position now which is great. Thanks for you help, Beck
  3. @creedon Yes thanks so much for this fix! I did have a question to add though. With the portrait images - they show aligned with their product title but with the landscape images they show up much further down aligned with the price. I wondered if there was anyway to have them align with the title the same as with the portrait orientation images? I don't know how complicated that would be to fix?! Thanks for any help
  4. Site URL: https://www.royaldrawingschoolexhibits.org Hi This in regards to a small styling issue with the secondary categories menu - I can't see that it's something I can change using Squarespace style tools myself. I'm hoping this is a very simple CSS fix - Unfortunately I don't know any CSS myself! I have added categories to my store that display at the top - and that looks fine. When you click on one of the categories to filter, the categories menu changes to 'All/' This is fine - however it's styled with practically no space between the menu All/ and the top line of imag
  5. Did anyone work out how to do this? I would also like the know the answer! Thanks
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