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  1. I see this is an old post with no answers. Were you ever able to figure it out? I need to customize my Order Summary too but can't figure out how to do so. Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://www.saycheesecakerva.com/ Does anyone know if it is possible to change a Squarespace generated error message in the Commerce section? i.e. If you try to buy a product that has already been added to cart, the message is (screenshot below). I'd like it to say, "Product already added to cart." Thanks!
  3. Thanks sruss76. My client just asked a similar question. She wanted to donate some gift cards to a charity auction. I wondered if the only option is to buy them herself and give them away.
  4. It looks great. I really like how you made the logos for the websites you've done match the design of your site. I would make those websites open in a new window so they don't take people away from your site. Also, I noticed on a pop-up for one of the sites, you have "your." It should be "you're." I think it was Turbo Academy.
  5. I use OwnerRez with one of my clients. I find it easy and seems to work well. https://www.springdaleresortlodging.com/
  6. My goodness, how beautiful. I love how you kept the overall design so simple to accentuate the vibrant colors in the photography. The overall effect is stunning. My only suggestion is that for SEO you probably do need some text for the Search Engines to find. I didn't check but did you add alt text to all those photos? That would be a tremendous job but probably helpful for SEO. I like the side bar menu too. Great job! Best to you! Jan
  7. Hey Brandon, I really like your site. Clever use of your blue brand color with the duotones and full color pictures on hover. Great job. Best to you! Jan
  8. Site URL: https://www.springdalerealtyllc.com/ password - springdale I still need to add IDX search engines but I'd love any design critiques you may have...
  9. Wow. Beautiful. I think it's just about perfect. 🙂 fyi - you have an extra space after your name in paragraph below.
  10. Very nice. Clean, simple, draws attention to the photography which is entirely appropriate. I assumed the woman next to the Sessions section on the Home page was the photographer. But then after going to About Us, I realized it's not her. Maybe some more photos next to that session of other people too so viewers don't think that's the photographer? 🙂
  11. I think it needs a bit more explanation. I'm not sure what is being advertised. I love the logo on Bright Young Things Academic Tuition. Is that the business you're promoting? I think it's a great start. 🙂
  12. I would suggest some padding so the text/photos don't go all the way to the edge of the screen on some pages i.e. Contact Us form https://www.luxurypropertyfinder.solutions/contact-us Maybe make entire photo clickable on home page links? Lovely photos and business!
  13. Thanks so much Brandon. The CSS didn't work for me but the Java Script worked perfectly! 🙂
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