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  1. 28 minutes ago, francescalo said:

    Hi, If I use your link I don't see your blog post, but directly your shop to buy a plug-in to make a pop-up appear... I'm in the right place?

    Yes, you are in the right place.

    The plugin has now been completely re-written using a different method to observe when an item is added to a users cart. The result is a much more versatile plugin. Whereas before it would only appear once per page load, it now appears every time an item is added to a users cart. In addition, the old version was limited to one add to cart button per page whereas the new one will work for every add to cart button on the page which is useful if you use product blocks. 

  2. I don't believe so unfortunately, just from Squarespace's support document it says.


    Editing a subscription product changes the product for future subscribers. Current subscriptions will continue to place orders for the original product and price, including shipping costs, tax rates, and currency.


    To me the original product part would imply that the description doesn't change either. It would be nice if subscription descriptions did update as the product/service develops but I think it's like the price where it stays static.

    I updated the description of a subscription product the other week so I can let you know in a couple of weeks if it did change for past subscribers. 

  3. If you set the shopping cart icon to hidden, then a cart icon will appear in the bottom right hand corner, automatically when a customer add an item to their cart.

    Once it's visible there's no reason why you can't add some CSS to make it look like the Classic Button and change its position.

  4. I would try contacting support to see if your email address has been blacklisted, this happens sometimes but they should be able to correct it for.

    What is puzzling is that Google sheets isn't updating as this is usually pretty reliable. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting Google sheets?

  5. I have created a plugin that will allow customers to add a tip on the cart page. The plugin is compatible with version 7.1 of Squarespace and the Brine family of templates on version 7.0 of Squarespace.

    Users cannot enter their own amount to tip however you do get to choose which amounts appear in the dropdown.

    Please note that you will have to disable AJAX if you are on version 7.0 of Squarespace.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  6. On 4/15/2020 at 4:00 PM, alexswann said:

    On the product page I would like to have the option to purchase a product as a one time purchase, or as a subscription. Currently a product needs to be listed twice within a shop, once for a one time purchase and again for subscription purchase.


    I've created a plugin that will allow you do to this. It will present the user with the option for a one time purchase or to subscribe & save.


  7. Yes the & symbol showed red but was not removed from the redirect. You can try it for yourself by creating a test redirected t such as:

    /test -> /test& 301

    Then just go to your website and enter the URL /test and you will be redirected to your 404 page but you will see the URL is /test&. 

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