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  1. Hi, I am using Mercer. I cannot change the product thumbnails either in the product gallery or the individual product pages to be full-size, uncropped images at the proper orientation (vertical or horizontal)! I only have options to change aspect ratio but not cropping. The images are being cropped instead of displaying at their full size and either vertical or horizontal. What I am after is this: https://www.kevindjordan.com/buyprints . Is this only possible on some templates? If so, what templates? I will have to migrate everything over to the new template. This is a must-have feature for me.
  2. Anyone? I know I have seen this before but SquareSpace recently reindexed their pages and the results no longer appear on Google or this site. Thanks!
  3. Visibility as hidden seemed to be the best one. I will go with that. It's working great. Thank you!
  4. That makes perfect sense. Thanks. I understand how the number would work.
  5. Hi Tuan, great. I was thinking that might be the best solution for now. What is the CSS to hide the blank pages?
  6. I want them under the same menu but in two columns. I would like to be able to decide where those two columns split. i.e. what items are in column 1 and what items are in column 2. Therefore, tuan's code above does not satisfy my requirements because I have no decision on what drop down items spill over into the second column.
  7. I am looking to disable the click event that takes you to the first page in a navigation folder; I want this for all folders in my top navigation. I am using Mercer. I want to keep the hover and drop down actions but when you click the folder text it is not clickable and does not take you anywhere. I have found many replies to this on Google but SquareSpace must have reindexed/relinked their pages because all the links on the first page of Google linking to the SquareSpace forum are dead.
  8. I want the things in red in one column. I want the things not highlighted in red to be another column underneath the same menu.
  9. Hi Tuan, did you read my original question?. I don't want just two columns. I want two columns which are split in exactly the right place. I don't want them evenly. I don't want them randomly. Sorry to get annoyed but I spent a great deal of time making the original post as clear as possible and even supplied screenshots and an example of what I want. I want specific pages on the left and specific pages on the right when I split the columns. Can I fake it with blank pages that aren't clickable in the navigation so I push things to the left and right? Can I at least add a horizontal line to separate the columns if it's one long list?
  10. Okay, sorry. New to SquaresSpace help and SS in general. This is a page with global navigation in question: https://www.jonathanknight.net/sand-dunes-prints
  11. https://manatee-ladybug-s9eh.squarespace.com/config/pages Not sure if this will work. I have a live landing page right now. Working on the rest of the site in the background.
  12. This script is great. However, when I load these three scripts I get text that pops up in the top left corner of the page on loading of my cover page. Is this typical behavior? It doesn't seem to do it on the "behind the scenes" site that I am still building. Is there any way to avoid this? See video attached --first 10 seconds only unless you want to watch me figure out where my QuickTime app went. 😃 Also attached is a screenshot of the header text. I have a feeling I have typo here trying to copy/paste several injections for various customizations and plugins. Screen Recording.mov
  13. Hi, please see attached screenshot. I would like my SHOP menu folder to be in two columns with work for sale on the left (Sand Dunes through Books) and information about the work and additional items on the right (About Our Prints through Give the Gift of Art). Right now it is one long menu. At one point I searched this forum and someone posted custom CSS that broke folders into two columns. You could select which drop-down folder to turn into columns and how many columns. This was a great start but you could not determine WHERE the break occurred, it simply broke it up evenly so if I had more than 3-4 pages the product pages would spill over into the information column and be included on the right instead of the rest of the works on the left. Regardless, the link is now dead for this post and so I can not find the CSS script. Basically: I would like a custom CSS that allows me to always have my work for sale separated from the information about the work and make it manageable to sort related works/locations into columns in the future. Ideally, I would have a mega menu with ways to view collections by popularity, theme, etc. but that seems beyond SquareSpace's capabilities at this point (like so many things...). See second attached.
  14. I am trying to achieve a product page similar to the one here: https://drewdoggett.com/shop/titans He is using woocommerce for his cart (I looked at the source code). I would like to achieve three things which he is doing: (1) A Visual Product Variant selection; (2) Product Image updates with variant selection; and (3) Product Variants show/hide and are selectable/not selectable based on other variants previously chosen. I know for (1) there is this plugin for a visual variant from these guys: https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugins/product-swatch-variant I know for (2) there is a plugin for updating image based on variants: https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugins/change-product-image-with-variant I don't know how to achieve number three while also achieving the first two goals and/or whether these plugins would be able to "talk" to any code I write to achieve number three. The problem is I need certain drop-downs or product choices to reveal themselves based on other selections. I can't have each product variant always available because not all choices may be purchasable. For example, you cannot purchase a Plexiglass print with a frame or a mat but those options are still available to the customer because they are tied to white and black frame options. This means a customer has to sit there and work out what is actually available or not and choose the right combination to add something to the cart. Terrible UX. I also don't want to do a single drop-down with a list of every size and product variant available because it would be a list of over 50 options for each artwork. I have uploaded a screenshot snippit of my product list as a hint to how complex this gets... There are 11 variations per print size and 4 or 5 print sizes per artwork... And each variant depends on another variant selected... Is there another plug-in or code to help me get to where I want to go?
  15. Thanks, Colin. To be honest, I didn't totally follow but I'm not a coder so that's probably why. Maybe there is a less technical approach? Should I delete this post and post elsewhere? Maybe I'm looking in a forum for a solution I can't implement myself. lol.
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