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  1. Hi Michael, 

    I posted this on your SquareWebsites Slack channel as well, so anyhow I’m using Universal Filter on this blog: https://gerry-tsoukalas.squarespace.com/research Pwd: letmein and would like to override the filter CSS such that it gets the same transform as one without the filter like this one: https://gerry-tsoukalas.squarespace.com/entrepreneurship (same Pwd), but thus far because I’d like to keep the filter’s simpleFilter fade animation for sorting I’m a bit stumped as to the proper CSS to use, or perhaps it's a tweak to the filer itself that's necessary?

    I've figured out how to make it work with summary blocks, like on this page:


    But getting it to work on a blog page has eluded me thus far.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

  2. I see Summary block on https://swordfish-toucan-xbld.squarespace.com/reviews/programreviews so not sure why you tried to apply Products config there. So if you only paste summary id to container (or you may just type container: '.summary-v2-block', as you have ONLY one Summary block on page) and items: '.summary-item', it will work
  3. You may set customClasses: 'cf-sort-right', in config to move Sort dropdown to top rigt - but I never did this for search or items count. So just look at the CSS and reproduce for your case: you just make the fields you need absolute-positioned
  4. Use Summary block with Lazy Summaries plugin or just activate on Gallery or Blog collection and style in the way you need.
  5. @TMSqSpace I see a set of images blocks on this page - so you'd really better back to docs page and read WHAT is supported to work with Filter. So use on Summary block or any list collection
  6. I guess me if you want to use Universal Filter))
  7. You obviusly may filter anything that exist on page)
  8. Hi,

    One of my customers has a page on their website where their therapists are presented in a gallery by just a photo and name, and clicking a photo takes you to a deeper presentation page for respectively therapist. This is the page as it looks now: https://www.livingroomcc.se/teamet (without any filtering).

    My customer now wants a filter function so that a visitor can pick a specific category of therapeutic treatment, but they also want to have sub categories to further filter the therapist page.

    It should work something like this:

    1. Pick one of the main categories with a button.
    2. X number of subcategories are then shown in connection to the main category picked.
    3. Pick one subcategory, and this would automatically show only those therapists that has the chosen subcategory/qualification. 

    The number of sub categories may vary among the main categories, and some main categories might not have any sub category at all.

    I need help on the best way to do this. The template is Basil (Brine family).

    Would Universal Filter do the work?

    If it's not possible to achive the sub category filtering, would Universal Filter be the right way solving the first filtering?

    As my coding knowledge is close to zero, I'm gonna need you to implement this? Can you give me an estimated cost, please.

  9. New Products REQUIRES Filter being loaded on Admin side to save new categories and it supports only 1-level subcategory.
  10. You just were needed to set the collectionUrl and link it to your real collection source url - I'm not sure why you were copying some code... You may DM me and invite on site for help.
  11. Your Summary is with external links - in this case you need to set collectionUrl in filter config.
  12. Yes, it automatically fetch your categories/tags/variants
  13. You obviously may have Squarespace limits per collections. But Lazy Summaries will try to load all if we're talking about bigger collections like Blogs. Also, with some other plugin or in several cases you may load from several collections.
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