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  1. You just were needed to set the collectionUrl and link it to your real collection source url - I'm not sure why you were copying some code... You may DM me and invite on site for help.
  2. Your Summary is with external links - in this case you need to set collectionUrl in filter config.
  3. Yes, it automatically fetch your categories/tags/variants
  4. You obviously may have Squarespace limits per collections. But Lazy Summaries will try to load all if we're talking about bigger collections like Blogs. Also, with some other plugin or in several cases you may load from several collections.
  5. @SarahAhzan The issue is in your custom styles where you're limiting each form field to 60px. So sure you may set background to transparent to prevent visual overlap, but I'd better left file input with auto height : .fileInput { height: auto!important; }
  6. Hi. You may use custom function in getAttr and use keywords from Portfolio items SEO Description and 7.1 Galleries Images Descriptions. And sure no problem to have several filtering dropdowns with different options
  7. No easy way for that from JS side - SS wrote code in manner you can't really access it or affect, and all masonry calculations goes in code. But damn, that's a simple CSS, nothing complex: @media (max-width: 576px) { .gallery-masonry .gallery-masonry-wrapper { columns: 2; column-gap: 0; height: auto!important; display: block!important; padding: 0 5px; } .gallery-masonry-item-wrapper { height: auto!important; } .gallery-masonry-item { position: relative!important; transform: none!important;
  8. I actually have that - no body content as this is complex task, but titles, excerpts, images, tags/categories - sure. Plan to release soon
  9. Does your app support going from 7.1 to 7.0?

    1. michaeleparkour


      No, 7.1 to 7.0 not work for now.

  10. Tons of js validation libraries around... I have no ready-to-use simple solution for you, but the idea is simple: disable submit button on load, set all inputs to required, listen inputs changes, validate values you need - if all good enable submit button.
  11. Thanks, glad to see Filter I have not setup myself for clients. The link you gave has some space or some characters in the end, so not valid and goes to 404 page
  12. You may do that with one collection, almost all templates allow you to show Categories filter and have categories/tags pages. But when you speak about several collections - there is no any built-in solutions, my plugins will work
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