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  1. Hey there @KarenML! Curious to know if you got this sorted on your site? I'm looking for something similar as well. Thanks!
  2. @nonaforevs Thank you! appreciate you taking the time and sharing 🙂
  3. Site URL: https://www.skelafoods.com Hey there! Wondering if anyone knows how to add a 'Continue Shopping' button to the Shopping cart when there are existing products in it? I'm using the 'Tremont' template. site: www.skelafoods.com Passcode: foods The page is actually hidden as I'm currently developing it and we are going live asap...so the store page link is www.skelafoods.com/store-2 in case you need to add products to the cart to check. THANK YOU!
  4. I noticed this as well recently. @SDAgency is there a way to avoid this? Thank you for your help in advance
  5. Hey @ChristopheRosario! Thanks for sharing this. It's a great solution and is working except that once you reach the end of the page and the 'home' page shows up again (after you scroll past the footer) The logo and main nav have disappeared. Is there a way to use the code you provided but still have the logo and main nav show past footer scroll? I hope that make sense. website: https://skelafoods.squarespace.com/ passcode: foods example page: Deli Thanks so much in advance for any direction you can provide!
  6. Hey @tuanphan! Hope you're staying well. They are at the bottom in the footer. I have them set to left justified for desktop which is perfect but on mobile it would be great to have them centered. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://www.clearwellnessnutrition.com Hey there! Wondering if anyone would know how to center social icon links in mobile when they are left justified on desktop? site: www.clearwellnessnutrition.com passcode: wellness Section: Footer Template: Brine Thank you!
  8. This is absolutely perfect. THANK YOU! Apologies for the late response as I've been nose deep in other projects and only coming up for air now. Thanks so much for your help and well wishes. Stay well and healthy yourself my friend. Positive spirit and positive attitude will get us through anything. 🙂 Carrie
  9. Hey @tuanphan! Would you know by chance how to manipulate the size of the container of the gallery summary block on desktop only? I know we can change the size in the design settings which is great...but I'd like for it to be a certain size (height) on desktop and another size on mobile. Do you think this is possible to tighten up the height on desktop only? I've included a snap shot of how high I needed to go on desktop to make it fit on mobile... THANK YOU!
  10. Hey @paul2009! Curious if you'd know how to change the 'ALL' in the 'Sort & Filter' option on each individual product page? I currently have code to change the 'ALL' to 'ALL ARTISTS' but now I have 3 individual product pages and one of them I would love to say 'ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS' instead of all artists. Website: https://artbuzz-today.squarespace.com/passcode: todayPage: shop-art (photography)Template: Brine Code I currently have: .ProductList .ProductList-title {font-size:16px!important;} .ProductList-outerImageWrapper{filter:drop-shadow(5px 5px 8px #000)} .ProductList-filter-list-item a:hover{color: #E1EA99} .ProductList-filter-list-item--all a { visibility: hidden; } .ProductList-filter-list-item--all a:before { visibility: visible; content: "All artists"; font-size: 18px; } Thank you for any direction you may be able to provide!
  11. @tuanphan THANK YOU! seems to be working great 🙂
  12. Hey There! I'm looking to make the index gallery text large on desktop but smaller on mobile. when I focus on making it fit on mobile properly...it's way too small on desktop. Is there a code to lower the text font size on mobile for index gallery images? Thanks! site: www.wespeak.bm Template: brine page: www.wespeak.bm/community-support
  13. I finally figured it out! Just in case it helps anyone else. Use the block ID of the block that hold the hyperlink and add the code below... #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1584814520858_22270 p{ a{ color:#6d1572 !important; &:hover{ color:#faa61a !important;} } }
  14. Site URL: https://wespeak.bm Hey guys! I've got my hyperlink color set in the style editor which is working great across my site. I'm looking to change the color of a hyperlink in one particular (or maybe a few) text block(s) Any ideas? THANK YOU! Site: www.wespeak.bm Template: Brine family template
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