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  1. Hi SS, Does anyone know if/how Squarespace can integrate with the Toast Point-of-Sale (POS) system for restaurants?
  2. I am new to this and realized this might be an odd request. I am a print-on-demand company (who also sells my own designed products on the side and through my website. I know squarespace, and many other website builders offer ways to link your site and sale of items to print-on-demand companies like printiful, etc... however as I am a printing based company I would like to find a way to have orders (from another person's website) come to me directly for print orders. I have a few friends who run their own small businesses and have been using those third party sites to sell products through, however are very interested in having me fullfill these types of print orders moving forward. We are trying to figure out the best solution to allow their customers to make purchases directly from their own websites and drive those as sales orders to my website for processing, etc.. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? I am aware that I can setup a non-linked page but is there a way to automate the sales from their website to mine and pass through the correct order information? I am also not sure how the money portion would work as they would be taking a cut of the profit based on some sort of flat rate amount based on the items. Trying to avoid both of us paying servicing sales fees as well if possible.
  3. Hi - Does anyone in the UK have suggestions for good point of sale processors to use with squarespace as the Square POS is only available to use in the US?
  4. I know that we can connect squareup to squarespace as a POS but my client would like to also have the capability to use squareup with squarespace to manage their inventory. Will it update inventory in realtime? They have three different stores and this component is critical. Also, what are squarespace fees to do that? Are their any fees outside of the SquareUP fees? How about for additional users (or cashiers)? Thank you!
  5. After a client receives services, I often sell them products (which I also sell online using squarespace) and then charge them in a single transaction. I currently use square for these in-person sales, but I was hoping to instead use squarespace's point-of-sale iOS app to charge my clients in person, thereby keeping my inventory stock levels accurate. There is one problem though: my clients don't get the option to include gratuity, unlike when I ring them up using square. It seems odd that I can sell service products in person using squarespace's app but have no option to accept tips. Is there something I'm missing? As far as I can tell, the easiest solution seems to be to continue using square for in person sales, have my inventory both in squarespace and square, and then sync the inventory using Trunk (which is expensive). But this seems like a very complex way to obtain a simple feature--gratuity. I'm hoping there's a better, simpler option. Any ideas?
  6. Hi there, I run a tourism business down here in Australia that also sells merchandise. Our website is set up with SquareSpace, but we have a Square terminal POS for selling products in person. We are now looking at setting up an online store too. I would love to use SquareSpace for this online store (to keep it simple) but unfortunately SS doesn't integrate with the Square Reader in Australia (USA only!). So I'm now thinking the best way to keep my online/POS sales seamless is to build my online store with Square, but keep my website with SquareSpace. Is it possible to build a Square Online store and embed it into SquareSpace? I don't want my customers redirected from the website when they want to make purchases as that always seems dodgy! Any help would be amazing! I can't believe how confusing this has all gotten! If there are any other alternatives you can think of I am open to suggestions! Thanks, Ellie
  7. Site URL: https://www.macquarielifechurch.com.au Hello! Firstly, thank you for reading this post! I was wondering, is it possible to use the SquareSpace POS system if I use a VPN that is located in the US? My church is located in Australia and we really love that SquareSpace gives the option to use the square hardware. However, as we all probably are aware, the SquareSpace POS system is only available in the US. Ideally, I would connect/setup an iPad so the location is based in the US. Would this work? Look forward to reading your replies! Thank you in advance!
  8. Greetings from Vancouver Island, BC. Hope everyone is staying safe. I've got the Square Point of Sale (this beautiful stand unit and the mag reader) and I've signed up for Squarespace thinking, okay, these can either be stand alone or you can use them both. We're setting up our fish & chips place to accept online orders for takeout, spacing people out to come get it, the usual. It appears the squarespace site can reasonably do this, accept prepayments, etc. It also appears the whole this is not really set up as a restaurant management system with tickets to the kitchen and the like. But I'll figure all that out later. The biggest issue is that it appears to me that the POS and the site don't actually talk to each other or work together in any way. I'm looking to confirm if I have this right. After you set up your squarespace website with a menu/pricing/ordering, you have to do the exact same thing on the POS in the case of a walk up placing an order. I have to use the iPad app to make the menu items, variations, pricing, etc. all over again and can't just bring the website over or the menu anyway. Not the end of the world, I just want to stop trying to do what can't be done. I see there is a mobile/iPad app to manage the website/orders, etc. But I was hoping for a total solution. Weebly by Square. Is that the integrated choice or a better choice? Does anyone know if there is a specific template or custom work that has been done for the restaurant industry that covers ordering, tickets to the kitchen, etc. It is going to be a fun weekend getting all this going and ready. As a side note the packaging for the Square Stand is stunning, well done! Thanks for any feedback/comments. Rick
  9. Hi i want to sell photography prints directly from my Squarespace site. I have seen that there is the Printique extension which looks perfect but this is only available in North America. Are there any options to do this in the U.K.? That will integrate seamlessly with Squarespace? thanks
  10. Hi All! I recently ran into a major issue with Squarespace architecture/requirements while making a new site. Looks like I can only use PayPal or Stripe for ecom and Square for POS. This seems like absolutely bananacakes poor design to me. We are a nonprofit offering recurring donations for donors. We CANNOT sign people up for recurring donations on two different payment processors going into the future. That is really bad practice. Let alone the fact that I will have to do lots of overly complicated things with zapier to make sure our database is getting all the information. We feel strongly about offering donations through our store as well as through online forms. Please help! Is there some way we can use only ONE payment processor for POS and ecom on squarespace??? Best Nick
  11. Site URL: https://www.chrisjfreeman.com/books Hi and thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. I have two customers that I am trying to fix the same issue for. (One URL included). What they are both trying to do is be able to pull the customer data (at Point of Sale) and use elsewhere. Let me give an example: Someone jumps onto the website and buys the Book. We'd like to take that customers data, put it into our CRM, tag them and because they bought the book start them off in an automation which is setup for book sales. However if someone purchased an eBook then we want to do the same but for the eBook automation. And while I don't have one setup at the moment, if they purchased a ticket to an online event (say a webinar), then the same applies: they end up in the CRM, tagged correctly and start an automation dedicated to that webinar. The SQSP commerce is setup. The CRM and automations are setup. Where I am getting stuck is getting the customer data and line item(s) out of SQSP, at the point of sale (or in a very close time to sale), so that I can do something with it automatically. SQSP doesn't seem to, and have advised me they don't currently have a Zapier link to pull this data without adding a form to the sale and I think it would look weird to add a form someone has to fill in with all the same data that is already in the sales process. Integromat (who are now Make) have commented on a few SQSP commerce posts does seem to be able to pull the data from SQSP at POS but there is a huge setup that is required if there are multiple lines or different products offered (book, eBook, Webinar) etc. And then with Make, if you want to check 'regularly' (say every 15mins) then you will chew through their free plans 'operations' in a week just by 'checking' if a sale is make, even if there are no sales. In my ideal world, something like this would be possible: 1 - Customer makes a purchase 2 - Customers details and line item history are passed through to our CRM (I can't see how this is possible) OR Customers details and line items are passed through to a google doc (I still can't see how this is possible at the moment) 3 - Zapier (or something) runs on new google doc line items and inserts into CRM 4 - CRM automation triggers and customer is treated nicely based on purchase If anyone has any advice, suggestions, further questions to clarify my thinking or things I have already tried, please let me know as I would really like a solution that doesn't involve needing to move items away from SQSP an into another platform, like Shopify. Thanks again
  12. Site URL: http://www.muskokaprairie.ca In this ever changing climate, we are struggling with properly processing orders and handling our inventory. We sell at markets, online, from our farm and any other possible way to get our local products into the hands of our customers. COD and cash on delivery options are quite difficult for us using the current system settings within squarespace. We have figured out some work arrounds but they are clunky and a pain. We use square in canada here already for point of sale, and trunk inventory for the inventory management, but I would love to know when Squarespace POS will be coming north of the border! Anyone hear anything?
  13. Site URL: https://www.gillettecamels.com I know how to require a minimum order amount before Point of Sale checkout, but I really need a solution for credit/debit cards specifically. My client runs a concession stand and if someone buys a $1.00 candy bar and wants to pay with a card, the processing fees eat a lot of that. Is there any other option to add a service fee for card purchases that are below a minimum amount... say $10?
  14. Site URL: http://hocgreenwoodvillgae.com I have a client that couldn't get her account verified through Square, no matter what she did. I set her up with a Stripe account, and have that connected to her e-commerce in Squarespace. However, I see that you have to have Square in order to accept payments via the e-commerce app, in person. Any suggestions for a workout around for this? We are super frustrated.
  15. Site URL: https://cloudhousebakery.com I've read online that Square works in Canada but I can't connect my P-O-S to it in the commerce section when I try to connect to Square, my store is based in Canada and the Authorisation keeps stating that it wont connect because I'm not in the US - see image below. When I first tried to connect, it let me join, fill out all my forms etc, details, I even ordered the reader only to find now that it apparently won't even let me connect now I've wasted days trying to implement and connect the two and wrestle with implementing joint features. Does anyone else know if this is true, or is there something I'm overlooking Can you even connect Square in Canada!? So far this whole experience is turning out to be a nightmare... 😞
  16. Would it be possible to use a VPN with US address to enable use of Squarespace Point of Sale in the UK / for UK site? Squarespace has been recommended to us but without POS enabled it's a non runner.
  17. Site URL: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035711431 With the Square/ Squarespace integration going away next week, I am curious what sellers who sell both online and offline are doing for their Point of Sale solution. One option I've seen is Shopify Lite, where you can host your site on Squarespace and plug products into your pages, plus use the Shopify POS. But, in general I find that clients prefer Square hardware to Shopify's, and it is more commonly the system they already use. Would love some ideas on what you or your clients are doing to use Squarespace as the main online portal, but be able to sell in-person as well. Thanks.
  18. Site URL: https://www.theedgyveggiekitchen.co.uk When is POS going to be working in the UK? After a year online, we now need pos but will have to move from Squarespace if we cannot integrate online and in-person sales which will be a big regret.
  19. Site URL: https://www.gillettecamels.com I manage a website for a high school Booster Club. They would like to sell specific products on their website, but not their full inventory. They would like to access their full inventory at events while using Point of Sale on the Commerce app. If you view the website you'll see memberships and stencils, but they also have apparel and concessions for events. I know I can make products visible, hidden, and scheduled but it seems like A LOT of work to schedule visibility for every school event of the year. Any awesome solutions?
  20. Adding square qr code and selling page to my site. I have a square account, and want to set up a selling page there for my art. I want to post the qr code and a click able link on my site, is there a better way to integrate?
  21. Site URL: http://coloradomountainlavender.com Hi. First time posting a question and novice. I sell at local farmers markets as well as online. I need a simple solution for pricing the same items with tax included and not included (or at a different price point), depending on if I am at a farmers market or someone is purchasing an item online. As far as I can tell, I only get one choice in setting up taxes to be either included in the price or added on to the price. Is there a way to do this? Maybe with a hidden / password accessible farmers market store front page where I can include tax in the price but my online customers don't see this page? We have been using commerce app for farmers markets but I need this flexibility for setting different pricing/taxing for the same items. I am pretty far down the road with switching to square POS app to do this, but maybe missing something??? Thank you.
  22. Tracking and reports for online orders is working OK for what we need. But we need something better for cash & in-person orders. For POS sales, we have less than 5 users with the Commerce APP; each with their own login. At the end of the week we need to reconcile the cash transactions (how much cash does each person owe us?). It seems the only way is by going to commerce>orders, pulling a report for the desired period, filtering by channel to get POS only, then cross referencing them with order notification emails, going over them to identify cash transactions, then figuring out which POS user is responsible for the transaction some how. I suppose we can do unique discounts codes to increase tracking (i.e. USER1CASH or USER1CARD), but sheesh... I've been searching for this answer for about a month. Figured it's time to ask the pros, but I fear I already know the answer. Thanks!
  23. I am using custom forms for a class of service products, and we have embedded a photo uploader to the custom form. Customers are required to submit photos using this form when the purchase the service. Right now, uploaded photos are sent to a Google Drive folder, and I can't tell which photos are related to other custom data that was submitted in the same form. In other words, I can't match uploaded photos to specific customers! Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!
  24. Site URL: https://www.tutti-palette.de Hello, to grow my business faster I decided to give popular products a discount. Because I don't want to sell just on the price I want that my customers still see the original price tag. That means, I would like to see the original price crossed out in any way and the sale price on all products which are in sale now. How can I do that? Didn't find an option to do that in the normal menu. My online store: https://www.tutti-palette.de/shop Thank you very much. Sebastian
  25. Wow, so i just found out that in order to use the commerce point of sale app to sell you need admin level permissions. That makes ZERO sense. So if i have a bunch of volunteers who i want to sell products for our charity or hire a bunch of teenagers i need to give them FULL ACCESS to my website??? How is this not a security flaw? Especially with squarespace not having any sort of revision or history option for the site. How is a Store Manager not allowed to sell products? I'd be fine giving them that permission. How does anyone else handle this? I guess I could use square itself but the whole point of having an integration is to have the data all in one spot.
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