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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to change the font weight and opacity of a single word in my site title (attached image is a rough example). I'm assuming it requires javascript similar to the solutions posted here: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/159212-change-individual-letter-color-in-site-title/#replyForm But I've not been able to hack it. Can anyone offer a solution? Thank you! john
  2. Hi @Unlikely_IT, I'm trying to use a modified version of your solution here to change the font weight of only one word in the site title, but I'm not having any luck. Even if I apply it to individual letters using nth-child, no luck. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, john
  3. Thank you, creedon. Thank you, tuanphan. I'm using psuedo to apply icons in other parts of my design. But having the ability to drop different icons into specific buttons was very helpful. I know I can use CSS and unicode to target individual buttons, but doing so for a range of buttons across multiple pages would be a pain to create and manage. Squarespace support would neither confirm nor deny that they closed the loophole. They only told me they can't help with custom code. But talking to support at Font Awesome, they claimed to be aware of other customers using the same method to insert icons into buttons on Squarespace. It seems strange that Squarespace would intentionally remove functionality that supports such a hugely popular and easy-to-use icon service. (Unless, maybe, Squarespace was planning to acquire or partner with some alternate icon provider.)
  4. Hi, I've been successfully pasting tags for Font Awesome icons into button text fields up until today when the icons suddenly disappeared. When I try to replace them, they no longer work. If I enter something like this: Learn more about us ︁<i class="fa-regular fa-circle-arrow-right"></i> I get this: Learn more about us ︁&lt;i class="fa-regular fa-circle-arrow-right"&gt;&lt;/i&gt; And no icon shows up. Squarespace support hasn't provided an answer. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks, john
  5. This a great reference, thank you, tuanphan. Are you planning on adding classes and ID's for the new list sections that are in beta? I'd love to be able to replace the photos with svgs, but I haven't figured it out yet.
  6. Hi Creedon, When using an svg as a background, is it necessary to include the full svg code in the url? I've seen a couple other posts that also refer to converting the svg to base64. But I'm using the url I pulled from having uploaded the svg file, and it seems to work fine -- though I've not tested it across all browsers. Is this method not advised? Thanks, john
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