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  1. When I view the page on my mobile in Firefox it seems fine. Also when I view in Firefox on my Desktop iMac its fine. However when I view on my MacBook in Firefox i see this with the white bar at the bottom...
  2. @tuanphan Hi Tuanphan, do you have any other ideas as to what this might be?
  3. Hey Tuanphan thanks for coming back to me. Unfortunately that hasnt worked. It seems as though the content blocks on that page are coloured black but underneath them the actual page is white or grey. See the screen shot below where you can see the content blocks end and the grey and white is visible underneath:
  4. @tuanphan - Do you know what might be causing this and how to get rid of it? Much appreciated!
  5. No sorry it hasnt been resolved. See the screen grab from my mobile where it can be seen. Its only specifically on the Info page of my website as this is the only black page:
  6. Site URL: http://www.billydupee.co.uk Hi there, I have almost finished my sites info page however there is a white bar at the bottom which i cant seem to remove. All other pages on my site are white, but the info page has specific code to change the background and footer to black. This is the code applied specifically to that page: It looks great apart from this white space at the bottom. On desktop it isn't very noticible but on mobile its very large. See below: How can I remove this? Thanks
  7. Site URL: http://www.billydupee.co.uk Hi there, I want to include a Copyright left aligned within my footer, but also have a hyperlink to my Instagram within the same footer but aligned to the right. As per below: If i make this with 2 text blocks then the blocks stack above each other when viewed on mobile. See below: How can I keep them on the same line within the same text block so they stay aligned in any sized device? Thanks
  8. @tuanphan Thanks for helping on this. The code worked on the first project image. But how can I apply this to all projects on the home page when viewed on mobile? Please let me know the code. Thanks
  9. Hi there, how do I apply this to the whole home page?
  10. Hi Tuanphan, are you answet the question above to make that code affect all the images for projects on my front page? Thanks
  11. Thanks so much tuanphan. That has worked well for the first project on my site. How can I change the code to do the same for all projects on my page for mobile only? Thanks again..
  12. Thanks. I'm currently using 7.0. I cannot edit the mobile version of the site in anyway. When I view the site in the mobile preview through Squarespace and click on edit, it will automatically change to the desktop site. Giving no customisation of the look of the mobile site. Is there not code that allows the proportional cropping of images for mobile or can you adjust the position within the frame of the image using code?
  13. Is anyone able to give some guidance on this issue? Are there any solutions to the problem? Thanks in advance!
  14. Site URL: http://www.billydupee.co.uk I have images for my projects set to full width on my dekstop home page as you can see in the screen shot attached. However, when I view the page on mobile the images are cropped. I want to use code to either position the images how I want them to appear on mobile or to set the images to automatically scale down proportionally on mobile so more of the image can be seen. You can see how the crop on mobile currently means the point of interest of the image is out of frame. Thanks
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