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  1. Site URL: http://www.billydupee.co.uk Hi there, I am using Lange template and my site is looking great. I just want to make the header fixed at the top of each page when I scroll. I am using Business package so would love to know the code to make this happen. Here is an example of a page on my site where the header disappears as you scroll: https://www.billydupee.co.uk/production-reel-1 Thanks
  2. Sure, here you go: https://www.billydupee.co.uk/info
  3. Site URL: http://www.billydupee.co.uk Hi there, I am using the Lange template and I want to change the background of my Info page to Black, then use white text here. I have added in this code below which I found from the forum, however, it changes the background of all pages and also the header. body#collection-5d18349a84a155000110af0c #site { background: #000000; } Can I use custom CSS to change just the background of this page to black, but not the header - so keeping the header white as on the rest of the site. I have highlighted the section I want to change specifically on this page in red on the screen shot below. Thanks
  4. YES! That worked. Thank you all so much. Stay well and safe!
  5. Hi there The site looks as it should when I added that in but the Site Title is still all black, even if I change the #Colour Codes. Any final ideas?
  6. Hi there Tuan, Sorry that hasn't worked I'm afriad... See the screen shot attached. Any idea how I can make it to work? I had changed the code where you had inputted TUAN to my name but it still doesn't work. What areas of the code do I need to tweak to my site for it to work? Thanks
  7. Hi there Tuan, I use the Business plan currently - if you could let me know the code to implement this it would be a real help! Thanks so much
  8. Hi there, I found this code, but it doesnt seem to change the colour of the site title: span.site-title-text { color: red; } Also can you help with how to separate out each letter and assign a specific colour to it? Thanks
  9. Hi there Derrick, thanks so much for the replies on this! Its for all pages as i want it to apply to the Site Title, which is in the site header on all pages. However, I just want the code to be specific to the Site Title so how do I allocate the colouring to specifically this in the code? Thanks again
  10. Great thanks so much for your help. Just one last question as that thread you provided doesn't say how to allocate the CSS to the Site Title specifically. How do I do this? Thanks
  11. Site URL: http://www.billydupee.co.uk Hi there, I have pretty much perfected my site's homepage using the Lange template and the page showcases my projects full width which is great. However, when I click into the projects my content is then reduced in size and has padding on each side. This happens on all my subseuent pages of my site. I want all pages on my site to be full width just like my homepage. Is this an option only available in Premium or can I change this using my current package? If so, how can I do this? PS: See screen shots attached. Thanks so much
  12. Site URL: http://www.billydupee.co.uk Hi there, I'm trying to change the color of individual letters in my Site Title to match my email signature. See below. However, it wont allow me within the Site Style section. I have seen there is Custom CSS that can do this but not sure what it is or exactly how to implement it. Please do let me know if this is possible and how I can add the CSS.
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