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  1. <!-- invert your logo, paste this in, page settings, advanced section on a per page basis --> <style> .header-title img { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(invert='1'); } </style> Christy, thank you for the inspiration, works great in v7.1 (on any 7.1 template of course)
  2. I know I used typed with BetterCandy.pl If you want the code I can share it.
  3. It's a curious thing, if you go to https://factfiber.squarespace.com, (password is factfiber) and then click on the glossary term "Dependent Variable" to reveal the definition and within click on "outcomes" it will scroll past where it should. I can't for the life of me figure this one anchor link out. Everything else works. If you want the code for what I have done it's yours, just let me know. Perhaps there is a bug related to Squarespace Mercury I don't know. Every browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari all behave precisely the same. Only this one link is affected. Everything else works. If
  4. As per https://weglot.com/documentation/setup-guides/squarespace/ it appears that a business plan is enough to work with weglot. I am waiting for weglot to reply because I am almost ready to go with weglot but your answer (see the bullet point above) appears to imply that weglot will not translate checkout if the site is setup against a Squarespace business plan. I can't find any weglot support article to substantiate your claim. Is it an error on your part or am I misunderstanding something?
  5. This is not true. I have it working as expected with 7.1. Maybe there was a small mistake on your part?
  6. Yup, this was spot on. It made sense when I read it, tried it and it works perfectly. I will out line this because some people are in need here. @khupp I hope you read my instructions, it will help you. If my steps are not clear let me know and I will confirm if you followed the steps correctly. I used the steps below on my 7.1 site and it works. This couldn't be easier. 1) Select the text that you want to act as an anchor link. 2) Give it a name and prefix it with the # symbol. In my case the link name is #analytics 3) Add a code block directly above the loc
  7. Hey Alex. I'm currently building on the Hayden template and this template has a feature where the header navigation disappears on scroll and then reappears on the second page.

    That's a feature I actually like, but on the mobile version, the header never comes back after scroll. I would like to know if there's  CSS to replicate the desktop effect of the header to the mobile version. Please anything will help

  8. You can isolate code to a single page's header by clicking on the cog wheel next to the page. This will trigger a window to open where you should click advanced and finally you can add code to just that page. Step 1 Step 2 (Enter your code into the page header injection) Hope this helps.
  9. Hi @LauraJD @tuanphan has been very generous with his time and expertise but unfortunately you will need the Business plan to inject code anywhere in your site. If you are on the personal plan you want have that freedom. If you are going through your site and find that you wish you could customize beyond what Squarespace offers in the Styles panel then moving to Business plan is something you should consider as it offers complete CSS and Javascript customization. Here is how you can change your billing plan.
  10. Hi I don't know if this will answer your question directly but I am happy to offer what I have in my Brine (v7.0) template site. If none of this is helpful let me know and I will report my own post for deletion. No point in adding unnecessary replies that might not help you or anyone else. The code only affects the search and results to the same. Your site is setup with a password: This is in my footer: <!-- Translate the See More button after a search --> <script> function searchPageTranslate() { //See More button Y.on('io:success', seeMoreUpd
  11. I found this ewebdesign article, it is not Squarespace specific but it outlines the process. If you have some coding knowledge this might be the ticket.
  12. Here is a code pen that use the <strong> tag as a trigger to place an stroked underline that looks like a brush stroke. So instead of a class it affects the text where the <strong> tag lives in the html. The only thing I don't like is that the SVG gets masked (cut off). A solution to stretch it might be more desirable if it doesn't stretch it too far. For long underlines or strokes you may want to rely on a secondary image. This is why I prefer creating a class but it's yet one more method.
  13. Hi Cassie, what a brilliant idea. I love the graphics, colors and text, your mockup looks wonderful. Rather than provide a long answer, I skimmed through this article on A List Apart and it looks promising indeed. It involves using some stying, perhaps, underlines, italic and bold to target words in a paragraph, stripping that style from being displayed and then respond to the areas of the text that are styled (but not visibly so) with your graphics. Here is another resource on Andy Hooke's page. After reading part of this thirty-eight visuals article I imagine that you could ta
  14. Hello Kerstin, I am as delighted as you are. So far I haven't seen anything that I don't like. It's easier to use with a very simple yet interesting user interface and this version is really built for ease of use. I think clients will be able to cope easier with 7.1. Squarespace made the bold and wise decision to pin all their templates to a single code base, a brilliant strategy. Metaphorically, it's like one single operating system with each template behaving like an app. This can help development focus on stamping out bugs, adding features and integrations at a much faster pace, thereb
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