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  1. @tuanphan i have a similar issue using Brine. i am trying to display the title on slideshow gallery images on mobile, and i can't figure out the class on mobile. it looks fine on desktop, but doesn't show on mobile at all. Screenshots for reference. site url: https://grey-armadillo-bdg7.squarespace.com/ password: balch! this issue is on the homepage.
  2. Site URL: https://grey-armadillo-bdg7.squarespace.com/ Hi Everyone - I added a custom hover style to my desktop navigation that I really like. It includes a single pixel bottom border. The problem is there is a very slight movement, I'm assuming a movement of 1 pixel, of the rest of the navigation links and the rest of the page when the user hovers on and off each nav link so it's very distracting. I understand, in theory, why everything is getting pushed down 1 pixel because I added a 1 pixel border, but I haven't figured out how to fix it. The website is not live yet so I took a video of the effect to show you what I mean. See attached video file. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Christina nav-video-for-circle-062221.mov
  3. @tuanphan your code works perfectly. thank you so much! i'm happy to pay you a bit for your expertise. let me know where i can send a tip! paypal? venmo? let me know!
  4. hi - thanks for the suggestion! it was a huge help and i've made some progress. with the following css, the title text overflow appears, but it's still not wrapping. any ideas? i could maybe use some good old-fashioned line breaks to solve this temporarily, but i'd love to find a responsive solution. side inquiry for future projects: is this issue of long image titles resolved in 7.1 for collections? .image-slide-title { overflow: visible !important; white-space: pre-wrap; }
  5. Site URL: https://christinabalch.com/cm-gallery-image-text-example Hi Circle - I'm trying to get the image title to wrap onto multiple lines instead of cutting off in the gallery grid layout. Ideally the image title will wrap and display on 2 or 3 lines depending on the browser width. I want this to be a universal update so all gallery grids function the same on the website. I don't mind if some of the rows are longer than others in the gallery grid. This is something I will no doubt need to do again as this is a common layout for artist websites. This site appears to have figured it out in the masonry layout, but I can't seem to locate the proper class(es) to get it to work on my sites. https://www.thecarolamoon.com/brand-photography-portfolio Example site below uses Avenue 7.0, but I will ultimately be implementing this change on a site using Brine in 7.0. https://christinabalch.com/cm-gallery-image-text-example password: test!
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