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    Brainbuster reacted to mctrevor in How to change the play button on the video?   
    This is great.
    I am also curious if there is a way to remove the play button altogether (and have the entire area of the movie thumbnail be clickable to start the video).
    Or perhaps a way to use a custom play button icon?
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    Brainbuster reacted to lenaentrekin in Increase size of play button   
    I've received a lot of feedback from customers saying that they didn't realize our promotional video was a video because they didn't see the play button. Is there a custom code that I could use to increase its size? You can see my website here https://beyondadventures.co/. It's the video under "Who we are".
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    Brainbuster reacted to wholeheartcreative in Change Play Button on Embedded Video   
    Does anyone have tips on how to change the play button on an embedded video?
    I definitely would prefer for it to be more stylish than this.
    Or I wish Squarespace would have more variety on the design. 

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    Brainbuster reacted to baskararumugam in Local Business Schema   
    We are having a Local business schema in website by default. We need to add the Areaserved, slogan, Logo to this Local business schema. How can we update this? If insert the new schema it taking as 2 difference Local business. How can we add additional tags to Local business schema?
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    Brainbuster reacted to Alan-Squareflair in Adding Schema Markup to Blog Posts   
    I'm playing with Schema markup over on Merkle ( https://technicalseo.com/tools/schema-markup-generator/ ), and I could SWEAR that we used to be able to add code to header injection on blog posts. But no longer finding it. (Am I crazy?)
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    Brainbuster reacted to MichelleC in Resizing Slideshow Block only for Mobile   
    Site URL: http://www.pureimagevideography.com
    Hello! I have lovely slideshow blocks on my website hosting logos of locations & partners I've worked with in the past. It's made up of 4 slideshow blocks simply placed next to each other in my About Me section. It looks wonderful on my desktop version but it automatically stacks them on my mobile site which doesn't look great & makes my About Me page MUCH longer. Any one know some code to get this resized only for the mobile site?
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    Brainbuster reacted to RESB in How do I hide the navigation bar on a landing page?   
    I am trying to hide the navigation bar to build a landing page.
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