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  1. I basically want more flexibility in the Account. I don't think that information needs to be passed to Stripe, right? Want: a checkbox for "I represent a business" if this is checked, these people are addressed as a business. I can send newsletters to them and exclude consumers and vice versa. they are tagged as business in db so that APIs can see who are businesses and who are consumers so that external member directories can be easily automated (don't want consumers in a business directory) automatic discounts applied to these different tiers. Businesses = 20% off, Consumers = 5% off. Stuff like that. more input fields such as website, possibly a way to add secondary accounts (tier 2) a "join newsletter" checkbox (why isn't that already a thing?) more later?
  2. Has anybody found a way to include businesses in the account signups? Currently, people sign up with First Name, Last Name, Email. I have many consumer customers, but I also have many business customers that license my photography. I also am creating B2B classes and want to sell subscriptions. Seems like businesses are excluded via the system's lingo. Workarounds?
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