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  1. Hi guys! I was a wedding photographer for 16 years but this year I’ve transitioned fully over to property photography and landscape art photography. I’m also an average level programmer, big time orchid grower (250!) and about to start building and selling 3D-printer orchid products. Here’s my main site for landscape photography which does have a bit about my orchid growing: seanhoyt.com
  2. What's most perplexing is that you can tell that Squarespace employs very capable programmers and very talented designers. But, there's yet to be feature parity with the competition when it comes to the commerce system. They are releasing features years after the competition and regarding 7.1, the more I use it, the more it feels like a giant step backwards. I'm not sure about my future with this company after many years of hosting dozens of (concurrent) websites including my main "Commerce Advance" site. Just feels like I'm always fighting their systems with custom css and js just to get it to behave like a Shopify site from 2010. Can't break a sale into payments (AfterPay-esk) Variants are insane. Totally unscalable. I can see having about 20k SKU soon. I have no idea how many decades that will take to add Can't add shipping complications/logic: My several-thousand-dollar items cost $300 to crate but can hold up to 4 items at $100 per item extra. There's no way for me to charge my customers correctly. IE: 1 product = $300 shipping, 2 products = $400 shipping ... As is I have to pad the product +$300 and refund/coupon the price back down to the correct shipping. umm UNPRO Can't do sales with logic. Buy 2 get $100 off? forget about it @ourikhlaas: You can search on tags/category if you use the tag cloud. I also used JS to extract the product tags/categories to display hyperlinked on the product page. You can have the system change the variant to the color selected in the variant dropdown. It's clunky but it does work.
  3. Ok, got it. I was firing the jquery change() and didn't realize it was looking for me to make my own change code instead of triggering the listeners for the select created by squarespace. document.querySelector("select[data-variant-option-name='Color']").dispatchEvent(new Event("change")); Works now.
  4. That seems to have the very same issue with updating/changing the variant image.
  5. Site URL: https://www.seanhoyt.com/giftshop/magnolia-pillows Hello programmers, In the commerce settings, I can add variant columns for things like shirt colors, shirt size, etc. I'm attempting to make "color" easier to choose for the visitor by reading the colors and representing them as colored, selectable boxes below the drop-down selector. I have most of it working except for the trigger to change the variant image. Using jQuery to: read the Select options (done) make squares, style them with the color (done) add links to the color squares that change the select option and select text (done) change the color square focus based on the normal option selections (done) trigger the variant image change (I'M STUCK HERE) What triggers the listener that fades in the correct variant image? I can confirm that the 'data-text' are changing to the correct color names. https://www.seanhoyt.com/giftshop/magnolia-pillows Thanks all! Sean Screen Recording 2020-05-04 at 1.53.08 PM.mov
  6. I'm working with a new 7.1 system after maybe thirty or more paid V7.0 (or earlier) site builds. Not happy at all. Instead of listening to the design community and building more powerful, flexible, unique features they, instead, took current features and simplified them for newbie designers. The only improvement here will be to Squarespace's bottom line as they court young small business owners that don't (yet) see the value in hiring a web designer. These small business owners will invariably kludge together a website that will look like all of their competitors. I believe this is entirely the wrong direction for this web platform when they could have put brain power into improving the features while adding a way to abstract away confusing bits shown to these new designers. IE: Consumer mode, Professional mode
  7. Does Google not rank sites using the PageSpeed data? Mine scores 2/100. Pingdom is 85/100.
  8. I basically want more flexibility in the Account. I don't think that information needs to be passed to Stripe, right? Want: a checkbox for "I represent a business" if this is checked, these people are addressed as a business. I can send newsletters to them and exclude consumers and vice versa. they are tagged as business in db so that APIs can see who are businesses and who are consumers so that external member directories can be easily automated (don't want consumers in a business directory) automatic discounts applied to these different tiers. Businesses = 20% off, Consumers = 5% off. Stuff like that. more input fields such as website, possibly a way to add secondary accounts (tier 2) a "join newsletter" checkbox (why isn't that already a thing?) more later?
  9. Has anybody found a way to include businesses in the account signups? Currently, people sign up with First Name, Last Name, Email. I have many consumer customers, but I also have many business customers that license my photography. I also am creating B2B classes and want to sell subscriptions. Seems like businesses are excluded via the system's lingo. Workarounds?
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