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  1. They are looking for a solution that is dynamic as it needs to be shared throughout the department and kept updated, edited, etc. as they are not solely using information that Squarespace provides. The exported csv is a static document. We've scoured the squarespace help guides and can't find anything close to this, unless there is a way to combine the form block with the donation block. That way we could use the "hidden" question to make links or use the storage option on the form block for google sheets.
  2. Site URL: https://branchesofhope.org.hk I'm working at a non-profit and we're updating our website on squarespace. Right now, we're having trouble managing on the donation panel. Our finance department would like the donation information to auto-populate into a Google Sheet. Is there some kind of code or something that can do this? How are you handling the management of donations?
  3. @paul2009 You, sir, are a lifesaver! Thank you so much, saved us a ton of work.
  4. Site URL: https://cello-herring-fdt8.squarespace.com/ Password, if it asks: STOP Working on a blog for a client in two languages. We want to separate the blog so that the English is on it's own blog and the Chinese is on a separate one but both are on the same website. Right now, both the English and Chinese are on one blog together. Is there anyway to transfer the posts to a new blog on the same site without just copying and pasting? There are a lot of tags and coding, etc. attached to each post, so we're trying to do this as efficiently as possible.
  5. This was sooo helpful and exactly what I needed. Thank you! I'm working on two websites for this client, one that is basically 4 pages and a blog, the other a more robust resource library, maybe 20+ pages plus a blog, bilingual as well. A question about URL mapping for this tutorial, when a user is on an english page, I want them to be able to click Chinese and be linked to the same page in Chinese. I followed the footer code injection for Setup URL Reroute for Matching Language Page but do I have to create a new case line for every individual page on the website? (I hope my question
  6. Just to clarify, if my client is providing all the text in English and Chinese and they have a business plan, I can follow this method to have a fully bilingual website, including the navigation? The navigation has been the hardest part to find a solution for.
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