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Write this way. If you're a Professional Copywriter or wanting to connect with one, this is the place. We will try and keep the puns to a minimum.
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  2. My strength is a combination of communications and customer experience. What wows my clients is when I spend some time thinking of THEIR own customer experience and journey for their clients. Often clients come to me with a general idea of what they want, but they haven't thought out in detail what the process may be, and by bringing these things up to them, it 'wows' them by connecting with them, and letting them know what I really understand the project. This actually ends up helping me save some time in the end, to plan ahead, and not having to go back to update/fix things. For example, in setting up an online store, there was a product that required advance ordering and I was just tasked to add it on as an item like all the others, but when I set it up, I actually attached a form to it asking their customer to confirm a delivery/pick up date as it requires a 2-day advance order. This wasn't something they thought about until later. They were very pleased that I had implemented this for them (even though it was something so little), as they felt that I was looking out for them and really know what I'm doing.
  3. Hi friends! I'm thrilled that Squarespace has created a group just for us to collaborate in! As most of us do when the time calls for it, I'm working on elevating my client experience. What is one thing you do with your clients that wows them, beyond the delivery of quality work? Perhaps it's a gift, concept presentation, a part of your client process or is just a little something you do on the side. If you don't mind sharing (or brainstorming), I'd love some ideas! Thanks so much! From a copywriter who works with a lot of photographers and creatives

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