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  1. Surely adding some conditional logic options to forms would be a winning move for many of us. I see it requested time and time again. So is there ANY CHANCE this is going to be a feature in the oh so please be near future?
  2. Hi, I've spent the better half of the past two weeks building a new site on 7.1 to replace the site that had been running on 7.0. As I published it today and rerouted the domain I realized that I didn't see any way to transfer the existing email campaigns. Is there a way to move the list/automated/existing campaigns across to the new 7.1 site or do I need to explore the mailing list and start over???? Would love advice quickly so I know how to action a solution or get cracking on fixes this obvious gap in moving to 7.1 Cheers
  3. Was just about to ask the same question. Be great to be able to select for each product if it should be (1) flat rate (2) Carrier Charges (3) no charge. or at worst exclude from shipping charges. We have a eye mask for sale at $7.50 but when a customer wants to check out the shipping is $14!!! Be great to have some greater flexibility.
  4. Care to share how you managed to make it autoplay??? Cheers
  5. I had this issue it trying to show full images in a "Featured In" Grid and @e2astudio gave this handy bit of code.
  6. Hi, Am wanting to add Gift Cards to my shop and wondering if there was a way to allow for a custom amount in addition to the predetermined amounts. Thanks Andy
  7. Are you using 7.0 or 7.1? In 7.1 when you edit the image settings, under Design you will see a dropdown menu that lets you click "caption below."
  8. I'm having a problem trying to get a FEATURED IN wall of logos to display and align correctly. I have tried using both the Logo Wall section and gallery to no joy. When I upload the logo images they seem to scale/zoom up when placed as a grid gallery This is how the page was designed in 7.0 using gallery and worked perfectly - logos scaled and centered, Here is how it looks now in 7.1 (logos repeat for this example only)
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