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  1. 👋 Also very interested in an answer to this one. Maybe it's only solvable by using a third-party plugin, but it seems like maybe there's something in the JS / script code that could be added or manipulated to have the page be more content-aware or height-aware? Or maybe some code that could be added to the individual index-page sections that contain background images so it does a better job of "locking" them to the page? If the content in the markdown accordion is too tall, it looks like the page doesn't know to re-render the background image in subsequent index-page sections (i.e., it's almost like the background image gets pushed out of view). On page refresh with the accordion open, the background image "reappears" but then instead gets pulled up out of view when closing the accordion. If the accordion has just a little bit of text, the page seems to know to refresh the background images below it, though. Can be viewed live at https://brandmechanic.com/perform
  2. bump Also having this issue repeatedly despite reconnecting and resetting data.
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