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Cannot be found using Organic SEO Keywords

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Hey there :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this question and I hope that you can help me out. I have an online Piano tutor service, hosted through Squarespace. I started the website around 6 months ago and have sent a considerable amount on Google AdWords driving non-organic traffic to my website thinking that organic SEO traffic would start coming in as the thousands of viewers enjoyed being on my page and learning how to play the piano.

I've had SEO reports done through Fiverr, and still don't know what is wrong with my organic SEO. All pages are seemingly 'optimised' using the keywords I know work (because of AdWords) in my regular blog posts, titles and URL slugs.

Do you have any suggestions as what to do next? I have registered my site with Google (see site:...) and the website comes up, but I do not get any organic SEO traffic and it's really stressing me out!

Many thanks.

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It sounds like you need a proper audit to better understand why your competition is ranking and why you're not. A lot of times with a new site, it's because there's not enough backlinks, or you could be going up against some big sites. It's hard to say without knowing your keywords or seeing your site. Here's a brief guide that should help fill in any gaps.

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