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  1. In 2019, yes. It's actually really simple. I wrote a up a guide and made a video showing how it's done here.
  2. Just incase anyone is reading this in 2019 and wants a simple solution - this plugin allows you to lightbox any content you want.
  3. It sounds like you need a proper audit to better understand why your competition is ranking and why you're not. A lot of times with a new site, it's because there's not enough backlinks, or you could be going up against some big sites. It's hard to say without knowing your keywords or seeing your site. Here's a brief guide that should help fill in any gaps.
  4. @iirebekah we created a plugin to solve these issues. https://sqspthemes.com/plugin-shop/facebook-comments-squarespace-blog
  5. If you're still stuck this plugin will get it to work without fiddling any code https://www.sqspthemes.com/plugin-shop/squarespace-video-lightbox-button
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