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1 hour ago, AllisonZang said:

I am looking for a way to direct to a thank you page after scheduling an apt. Right now we are using calendly but the client would like to switch. The thank you page is pixeled for a google conversion add.

If you plan to use Squarespace Scheduling, you may not need to redirect to a different thank you page because it offers ready-to-go integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel and you can also enter code using the Custom Conversion Tracking option. Every time a client schedules an appointment, Scheduling loads your code, sending you a tracking event 🙂.

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We are including scheduling as part of a signup process so need to go the next STEP in the signup.  How to add a custom page url AFTER scheduling?

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(Paid) Solutions for conversion tracking and Acuity redirects

If you are up for a paid solution, I have a couple of products which could be helpful here. 

1) Acuity conversion tracker tracks conversion with custom Google Tag Manager + Javascript setup. It's really realiable.  
2) Acuity redirect plugin redirects. 
3) Sometimes my clients like to hire me 1-on-1 which is possible as well (but more expensive)


If you want conversion tracking, don't use redirects!

Redirects are bad for conversion tracking in Acuity. In tools like Jotform or Typeform we need redirects to get field values. BUT! With Acuity we get them with JS messages, so REDIRECTS ARE NOT NEEDED. Redirects only cause problems for conversion tracking:

  1. Redirects can result in multiple conversion counts per single booking due to browser refreshes, especially on mobile devices (iOS safari loads the last page -> duplicate events). This leads to inaccurate conversion data.

  2. Redirects often introduce irrelevant referrers or poor traffic sources. Though this issue is mitigated with Acuity scheduling because the window.top.location = ... method doesn't work anymore and we use postMessage andwindow.addEventListener('message'  for redirects, but it still complicates conversion tracking.

  3. Redirects have  personal identifiable information (PII) in URLs, which Google Analytics prohibits. To clean those up, unnecessary and expensive customisations with Google Tag Manager are required to cleanse URLs. But there is no reason to redirect because we can conversion track by sending and listening to Acuity JS messages.

Problems with using Acuity built-in conversion tracking

While Paul is right about Acuity having built-in conversion tracking integrations, unfortunately my clients often face problems with them. The biggest problems are

A) Because Acuity is an iFrame inside our website (which looks like a part of our website but it's not) it does not have the traffic information like GA4  Client ID, cookies, the traffic source (info where the visitor came from, like organic google, google ads, instagram, youtube whatever) 

Acuity attempts to transfer all that stuff from our website into the Acuity iFrame, but the results are not reliable. You often see (not set) or "Unassigned" for Acuity as their traffic source in GA4 


Sidenote: These annoying problems are NOT Acuity's fault! 
Every iFrame based widget faces this same issue with conversion tracking. Same thing with Calendly, GoHighLevel calendar, Typeform, Jotform, Tally Forms. iFrames are not part of our website so they're hard to track with GA4, Google Ads etc. Custom coding is always needed.

B) The Acuity "Custom Conversion Tracking" doesn't even try to share the information from our website to Acuity. This makes sense because Acuity doesn't know what you're trying to track:  TikTok, Meta. Pixel, Google Ads, Linkedin Insight Tag, Twitter pixel or hundred others. 

So while you can add tracking code to Acuity, it does not work because the conversion is not linked to the traffic source. For example if you have try to track Google Ads, the Google Ads conversion is missing the Google Click ID (GCLID) _gcl_aw cookie. So while Acuity tells Google Ads that there was a booking, it will not show up in your conversions because Google Ads thinks it's just organic traffic.

Same with FBCLID (Facebook Click Identifier) and all others. 

Website conversion
"👋 Hey Google Ads, we got a new booking " 
"🙂Great where did the client come from? Did they click on Google ad before booking?"
"Yes. They came from Google Ads, from our spring sale campaign"
"💰 Great, we'll show the conversion in Google Ads "

Acuity Custom Conversion Tracking
"👋Hey Google Ads, we got a new booking" 
"🙂Great, where did the client come from? Did they click on Google ad before booking?"
"💁‍♂️ We have no idea!"
"🤔Well...we can't show a conversion in Google Ads even if they came from Google Ads. We can't just randomly take credit for all website traffic. We have 0 conversions" 

Acuity custom conversion tracking is also sandboxed. It's an iFrame inside an iFrame, making things even more difficult.


Offline conversion tracking

Another more advanced approach is to store UTM parameters, or GCLID or FBCLID in local storage, and populate those to hidden fields in Acuity by dynamically creating the Acuity iFrame. This allows Google Ads offline conversion tracking, measuring revenue instead of just number of bookings, and also tracking even if people use ad blockers. 

Packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions

One thing to keep in mind is that Acuity conversion tracking does NOT work for Packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions. These can only be tracked by Offline conversion tracking, e.g. make.com with the previous method mentioned 👆


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more technical details & other info like example with Google Ass cookie issues

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