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Unused Facebook javascript.. what's the deal?



Site URL: https://www.ome.design

Hello all. 

I've seen a few threads regarding this sort of subject already, and that often the conclusion is that there's nought to be done regarding the slow loading times related to 'unused javascript' on SS sites. 

Just as a preface, I'm a noob when it comes to coding so forgive my ignorance. 

Now, when assessing my site's speed on PageInsights (and various other tools), unused javascript files are cited as my main issue. Diving into this deeper, I see there are a bunch of facebook javascript files that seem to be slowing down my website???

Now, I have taken away my FB pixel.. and besides that I can't really imagine what's happening to cause this. Is it because I've social sharing icons and links to FB? Do FB links somehow insert their own javascript that could slow my website? (again, noob)

These are the links provided by Google when referencing the unused java files:










Any help would be most appreciated. 

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I don't have any solutions.

I'm not surprised that there may be unused Javascript files being loaded. SS is a general purpose web site editing tool. So although you may not use a particular feature SS may load up some files that others using a feature would need.

In a perfect world SS would only load what is needed for your site of course.

If you are pretty sure SS shouldn't be loading up certain files when you aren't using a feature then I suggest contacting customer support with your observations. I think SS is interested in reducing load times. If enough people report a similar issue some action may be taken.

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12 hours ago, JoeRees said:

I see there are a bunch of facebook javascript files that seem to be slowing down my website???

I don't see these being loaded for your site. I see the standard Squarespace scripts and the Shopify Buy Button script.

If you are seeing Facebook scripts, try your tests again in another browser or in private/incognito mode where extensions are disabled. If they persist, temporarily remove all code from your site and test it again. This will confirm whether your code is to blame. If the issue remains after all the code has been removed, contact Squarespace Customer Care.

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