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Accepting variable-cost invoice payments


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Hello to all!

When I need to make a payment for a service to a vendor or my business attorney, I can go to a website, enter the amount due, payment info, and it's done.

When I tried to create a commerce page solely for that purpose, even with a custom form allowing a customer to enter a price, the price remans zero at checkout because I have the service price at $0.00, or enter a fixed amount.

If I have a work order with $500 for one customer, and a construction progress payment of $4500 for another, I want them both to be able to enter their respective amounts and make the payment.

The donation format is perfect, but I've found no way to change the wording of the form (changing "contribution" and "donation.)

Appreciate any assistance!

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I too would like to be able to setup variable payment (not a donation) through a squarespace-based website. As it is the only way I know of is to use a PayPal account (or other third-party payment processor), create a payment page on the Squarespace-based website, and include a Pay Now button on that page. PayPal does have an option to accept variable payment, it's been a while, don't remember how hard it was to find that option, but I did find that option.

In this case, my client is a food based business and they would like to be able to accept payment for catering jobs directly through their Squarespace website.

I have submitted a feature request to Squarespace Support.

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You can do this by embedding any third party payment solution into a page on your Squarespace site. However, these payments will be managed through your payment provider and NOT through Squarespace. There'll be no record of the transaction in Squarespace Commerce.

Examples of third party services include


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