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Using CSS to modify image blocks


Hi there, I am building a website for a client using Brine template (https://www.hemeez.com/, password: hemeez_salgado).

They want the blocks underneath the main banner to be full bleed, like the main banner. I am using the following code:

.content-inner {
        max-width: 100% !important;
        padding: 0 !important;
        margin: 0;
.collection-type-index .content-inner.has-content {
        padding: 0px !important;
         margin: 0;
 .sqs-block.image-block { padding:0 !important;
 margin: 0 !important}

 .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow .sqs-gallery,
 .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow .sqs-gallery .slide ratio {
   max-height: 550px !important; 


I like how the images are looking at the top, but how can I manage to expand the 2 images without overlapping? Also, is it possible to manipulate only the two block immediately after the main banner and not the rest of the image blocks through the website?

Thanks in advance for your help!alt text


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Thank you. That solved the problem, but left me with another one: now the images overlap. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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