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  1. Update from Squarespace Support: "As it seems you've discovered, we don't currently offer that feature, but I'd be happy to suggest it to our development team on your behalf. While we can't guarantee implementation of every suggestion, customer feedback is an important part of how we continue to improve our platform, so we appreciate your input. Although we can't disclose information about upcoming product releases, we are actively developing the platform to provide the best customer experience." Let's see what happens next, in the meantime, yes, one should implement the logo manually like @mdhanjal suggested :)
  2. It would be nice if Squarespace would add WhatsApp to their list of Social Icons I think https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205814598
  3. Thanks for the reply. How do you mean to do this?
  4. Unfortunately the Icon for WhatsApp is missing in the "Social Links" of Squarespace. Can Squarespace kindly add it? Currently only a "URL" symbol shows instead of the WhatsApp Icon.
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