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  1. Sorry for the long delay. I’ve done as you asked. Thanks Tim
  2. Taking this further it seems to be a code block height problem. I have a fix for this but it's across the whole site instead of just a single code block (which I'd prefer).... /*REMOVING THE SPACE UNDER CODE BLOCKS IN SQUARESPACE 7.1 WHEN USING FLUID ENGINE*/ html.squarespace-damask .sqs-blockStatus, .sqs-block .removed-script { display: none; } I'd prefer to do this for just one code block at a time but this isn't working for me... any thoughts? I have replaced the YOUR-BLOCK-ID-GOES-HERE but I'm not sure what's wrong. /*REMOVING THE SPACE UNDER CODE BLOCKS IN SQUARESPACE 7.1 WHEN USING FLUID ENGINE*/ html.squarespace-damask #YOUR-BLOCK-ID-GOES-HERE .sqs-blockStatus, #YOUR-BLOCK-ID-GOES-HERE.sqs-block .removed-script { display: none; }
  3. Thanks Websley! Appreciate the feedback. I've updated the font hierarchy. Call-to-action is tricky as this is a site with a number of options.
  4. Move the buttons into their own section? I've now tried this, doesn't make any difference. I then added this to the site CSS to see if it was a page section issue. This did help a bit but not much. I'm wondering if it's the image in the code block that is top aligned? /*test*/ #page section .content-wrapper { padding-top: 1px !important; padding-bottom: 1px !important; }
  5. Hi all, I have a custom css coded set of buttons on my site. These hide and show sections. I took the code from a youtube video and it has worked. The problem I have now is a bit too much space between the menu buttons and the sections. I've done everything possible manually, moved the menu downwards and moved the sections up (using out of the box functionality). I'd like to reduce the gap further. Is this possible? Probably easier if you see it! https://www.innosee.co.uk/strategicdirection Many thanks, Tim
  6. Hi all, I'm completely new to web design and have been copying styles from other sites. I'm happy with the basic look and feel now. Could you let me know what you think of my work so far? Any tips to make it better? https://www.innosee.co.uk/ Thanks, Tim
  7. Hi all, My header text is right up against the left and right margins of the page and I'd like to bring it in a bit. To add more detail, the logo is right against up the left and the word contact is right up against the right hand side of the screen. This looks bad on my Ipad in particular. Is there any way to add some padding to bring them both in? This is my first website so please excuse the newbie question! https://www.innosee.co.uk/ Thanks! Tim
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